Are you a project manager handling multiple deliverables? Or are you part of a team producing different project outputs for key stakeholders? If you ever find yourself swamped with project management tasks, AI can definitely help lighten your workload!

In this article, you’ll learn how to use AI tools to streamline your project deliverables and achieve successful project delivery. 

AI Helps Streamline Project Deliverables
AI Helps Streamline Project Deliverables

What are Project Deliverables?

Project deliverables refer to the outcomes of an overall project. Tangible deliverables are physical or digital outputs created for project tasks, including:

  • Manuals or reports
  • A new software
  • Website prototype

Intangible project deliverables are non-physical outputs or measured concepts or results such as:

  • Increased brand awareness
  • Training programs
  • Onboarding of employees to a new app or platform

Distinguishing between a project milestone and deliverable is crucial for effective project management. Project milestones are significant achievements leading to project completion. 

At the same time, learning the difference between internal and external project deliverables helps teams better understand their tasks. Internal deliverables cater to project team needs. On the other hand, external deliverables are the final project requirements to be shared with relevant stakeholders, clients, or end-users.

For example, in a website launch project plan, an internal milestone is the website launch, while the internal deliverable is the website design approval. 

What are the Five Key Project Deliverables?

Clear project plans can make the difference between project failure or success. Below are five important project deliverables that you need to focus on. 

Kick-off meeting

Kick-off meetings set the tone of the overall project, helping identify an efficient project schedule and key deliverables. During a kick-off meeting, teams share their ideas to finalize details of project execution and manage stakeholder expectations. 

Kickoff Meeting is an Important Project Deliverable
Kickoff Meeting is an Important Project Deliverable

Project plan

A project plan is a roadmap that guides your team throughout a project. It outlines a workable project timeline, assignments, and resources that help track progress throughout the project. 

Communication plan

A communication plan is an important project deliverable as it details how team members share information, categorize internal and external stakeholders, and list all channels used to handle each project milestone. One channel that you can use is Slack, a cloud-based communication platform where your teams can share task updates.

Meeting notes

Meeting notes capture significant details, agenda, and action items in all your conversations. Using AI transcription tools like Tactiq can help you take meeting notes and summaries in real time, so you can focus more on listening to discussions made during meetings. 

Performance reports

Performance reports offer insights into your teams’ progress and assist in evaluating project data-driven strategies and decisions. As a project manager, you can consider performance reports as your reference document in monitoring project deliverables effectively. For example, for a website launch, the performance report includes the number of page views on the home page. 

How to Manage Project Deliverables?

Implementing a work breakdown structure (WBS) in project management clearly defines project deliverables and sets practical project calendars that your team members can follow. Here are a few tips to help you manage deliverables more efficiently:

Define clear project deliverables.

Clearly defining project deliverables allows you to identify important goals and tasks and assign them to team members. For instance, a clear project deliverable in a website development project could be a fully functional homepage with a responsive design, interactive elements, and optimal performance across different devices. 

List SMART objectives.

Once you have clear deliverables, you can easily list achievable project objectives. Apply the SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) approach to ensure that services and product deliverables are produced efficiently and on time. 

Instead of listing a vague objective like “Improve customer satisfaction,” you can say, “Implement a live chat feature on the website within two months to address customer queries in real-time.”

Break down a project into milestones.

Divide your project into smaller, manageable milestones with key deliverables to simplify progress tracking, identify issues, and boost motivation among teams. In software development, a project milestone can be completing the user interface design or developing the software’s backend feature. 

Get relevant stakeholders’ feedback.

Involve stakeholders in defining and validating project deliverables to align and adjust them as needed. For example, in a marketing campaign project, you can ask target audience representatives to review and provide feedback on campaign materials before finalizing and launching them. 

Use project management tools

Using project management software promotes time efficiency and accountability among team members and streamlines the monitoring of project deliverables. Various platforms like Asana or ClickUp allow teams to create task boards, assign roles and responsibilities, set deadlines, and visualize project deliverables.

Communication Channels like ClickUp Boost Project Management Efficiency
Communication Channels like ClickUp Boost Project Management Efficiency

Looking Closer at Examples of Project Deliverables

To better visualize and understand project deliverables, let’s look at the summary of a sample project plan for the website launch of a cake shop called Cindy’s Cake Haven.

Sample Website Page for a Cake Shop
Sample Website Page for a Cake Shop

The project aims to create a website to boost the cake shop’s online presence and engage more customers. After the website launch, Cindy’s Cake Haven wants to:

  • increase sales by 20% within a six-month period.
  • create positive social media interactions.
  • achieve a high SEO ranking.
  • operate the site with minimal difficulties.  

Marketing and development teams are involved in this project, using project management tools to communicate and collaborate until project completion. In the next part of this article, we will discuss both teams' specific milestones and project deliverables. 

Marketing Team: Examples of Project Deliverables

A marketing team plays an important role in a website launch project as it conducts market research, creates engaging content, and implements digital marketing strategies. 

Marketing Team Handles Project Deliverables for a Website Launch
Marketing Team Handles Project Deliverables for a Website Launch

Below are some examples of project deliverables for the marketing team that will handle the website launch of Cindy’s Cake Haven.

Project milestone 1: Website pre-launch preparations

  • Website content outline. One of the project deliverables for this milestone is a website content outline, including key website pages and brand messaging. 
  • SEO strategy draft. The marketing team will create a preliminary plan for search engine optimization (SEO), identifying target keywords, meta-tags, and other on-page optimization elements. 
  • Content creation schedule. Another project deliverable is a content creation timeline, wherein the marketing team will give article and visual content assignments. 

Project milestone 2: Website launch

  • Marketing collateral. One of the key deliverables for this project milestone is the website launch promotional materials and announcements, including press releases, to generate excitement and drive traffic to the new website. 
  • Monitoring and feedback report. The marketing team will implement real-time monitoring tools and channels to capture and compile user feedback in a report. The report aims to address customer issues promptly and capture insights for future site improvements. 

Project milestone 3: Marketing campaign kickoff

  • Campaign strategy. A key deliverable for this milestone is a comprehensive marketing campaign strategy, including online and offline channels to maximize audience reach. 
  • Social media activation. As part of the website launch's marketing campaign, the marketing team will manage social media campaigns and engage with the audience to create buzz around the cake shop and its products. 
  • Email marketing distribution. Another deliverable is launching an email marketing campaign to inform the cake shop's current customers and email subscribers of its new website. 
  • Performance metrics setup. This project deliverable will establish key performance indicators (KPIs) and embedded analytics tools to measure the marketing campaign's effectiveness. Key metrics can include page views, social media engagement, sales, and monthly revenue. 

Project milestone 4: Post-launch evaluation report

  • Analytics analysis. This project deliverable will help the marketing team assess website performance, user engagement, and conversion rates. 
  • Feedback compilation. The marketing team will compile and analyze user feedback and reviews to understand the audience's response to the shop's new website. 
  • Marketing ROI assessment. This project deliverable allows team members to evaluate the marketing campaign's return on investment (ROI), comparing actual results to the KPIs.
  • Recommendations for improvement. The marketing team will draft a recommendations report outlining future marketing efforts, website enhancements, and overall brand strategy adjustments. 

Development team: Examples of Project Deliverables

Development teams for website launch projects create a site’s main functionalities, ensuring smooth user experience and proper security measures. Here are some project deliverables for the development team of Cindy’s Cake Haven website launch:

Project milestone 1: Website design

  • Concept designs. The design team will present multiple website design concepts, incorporating visual elements aligned with the brand guidelines and the cake shop's preferences.
  • Feedback integration. Another project deliverable is a compilation of stakeholders' feedback that will be integrated into the website design.
  • Approval of final website design. The most important project deliverable for this milestone is the approval of the final website design. After this deliverable, the team will prepare for the actual development of the site.
Development Team Handles Project Deliverables for a Website Launch
Development Team Handles Project Deliverables for a Website Launch

Project milestone 2: Website development and testing

  • Front-end development. For this project deliverable, the development team will implement the approved designs into functional frontend features, ensuring the site is responsive across different devices.
  • Backend development. The development team will then build strong backend systems to support website functionality, integrating user authentication, database management, and content delivery features.
  • Continuous Testing. Another key product deliverable is conducting tests throughout the development process. This includes unit testing, integration testing, and user acceptance testing to identify and resolve any issues before the site launch. 
  • Bug tracking and resolution. The development team will also create a system for tracking and resolving bugs to deliver a polished, error-free site. 

Project milestone 3: Website launch

  • Website deployment. After developing and testing the website, it's time for it to go live. One of the tasks of the development team for this project deliverable is to minimize site downtime and disruption. 
  • Performance optimization. Development team members will fine-tune site performance by optimizing loading times, server response, and overall user experience.
  • Put security measures in place. Another important deliverable is implementing security measures to the site,  including SSL certification and data encryption, to safeguard user information and protect against potential threats.
  • Launch validation. The team will conduct a final validation process to ensure that all features are functioning live as intended.

Project milestone 4: Post-launch support

  • Monitoring and maintenance. The development team will implement monitoring tools to track site performance and address any issues that may arise post-launch.
  • User support system. Another project deliverable is developing a user support system, including FAQs, chat support, and ticketing, to assist users with inquiries and issues.
  • Software updates and patching. Development team members will regularly update the website software and apply patches to address vulnerabilities and improve overall performance.
  • Documentation. One of the final project deliverables is documentation for the website's structure, codebase, and maintenance procedures for future updates and troubleshooting.

Managing a website launch project can feel overwhelming with various project deliverables. But now, thanks to AI-powered tools, organizing project outputs is easy and fun with just a few clicks. 

Leveraging AI to Write Jira Tickets and Summaries Post-Meeting

Leveraging the power of AI in your project deliverables improves team efficiency and communication, reduces manual workload, and keeps everyone aligned on project progress and priorities. 

In managing deliverables, AI tools can do the heavy lifting for you, especially when creating Jira tickets and summarizing post-meeting discussions. Here's how AI can streamline these tasks:

  • Automates Jira Ticket Generation. AI analyzes code storage, automatically spotting potential bugs or issues. This streamlines the creation of Jira tickets, saving you more time and ensuring problems are quickly resolved. 
  • Categorizes Jira tickets. AI tools categorize Jira tickets intelligently. Understanding discussion context and content, AI assigns appropriate categories and labels to tickets, promoting efficient prioritization for teams. 
  • Automates interview and meeting transcriptions. AI-powered tools like Tactiq instantly transcribe interviews or project plan meeting recordings. The transcription can generate accurate meeting summaries, notes, and action items. 
  • Efficiently assigns tasks. Assigning tasks in large projects can be tedious, but AI streamlines the process. AI tools can assign tasks by analyzing project requirements, team members' skills, and historical performance data, ensuring strategic distribution and leading to increased productivity.

The Role of AI in Structuring Notes for Project Deliverables

Tactiq is your new best friend when structuring meeting notes for multiple projects. It can help you plan project outcomes, identify important project management activities, and define team deliverables. You can download Tactiq for free on the Chrome Web Store and it will instantly pop up once you start your meeting!

Download Tactiq from Chrome Web Store
How to Download Tactiq from the Chrome Web Store

Below are some of Tactiq’s key features that can help streamline your project deliverables. 

Meeting transcripts and highlights

Tactiq creates precise meeting transcripts, offering a record of discussions and decisions in project meetings. This is especially important for complex project deliverables, ensuring every detail is captured accurately.

Tactiq Instantly Generates Meeting Transcripts
Tactiq Instantly Generates Meeting Transcripts

Meeting summaries and notes

Tactiq boosts productivity by automatically generating concise meeting summaries and notes. Project teams can easily access well-organized summaries, keeping relevant stakeholders informed and focused on crucial project details without going through lengthy meeting recordings.

Tactiq Takes Notes in Real Time
Tactiq Takes Notes in Real Time

AI meeting kits

One of Tactiq's cool features is the AI Meeting Kits, which use details from a meeting to create automated meeting notes for your project deliverables, including action items and project timelines. 

Use Tactiq's AI Meeting Kits to Monitor Project Deliverables
Use Tactiq's AI Meeting Kits to Monitor Project Deliverables

Ask a question

Using Tactiq's Ask a Question feature allows teams and project managers to extract important information from conversations. This is useful when you want to list the project deliverables discussed in meetings. In the example below, the project manager asked for the project deliverables that need to be accomplished for the month of December. 

Project Managers can Use Tactiq's Ask a Question Feature
Project Managers can Use Tactiq's Ask a Question Feature


Achieving Project Success with Tactiq

In conclusion, mastering project management requires a keen understanding and efficient handling of project deliverables. Using AI tools, such as Tactiq, puts you ahead as it streamlines note-taking for your deliverables to ensure success in future projects.

Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Bringing AI into your meetings has never been so easy.

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