Our Vision

Capture meeting insights with ease, store summaries for async communication & share them throughout your organization.

The challenge

The blooming landscape of remote work life needs dynamic collaboration, Tactiq is the voice of the company when it comes to sharing meeting insights and is an essential tool within this new WFH era.

Now that most people are working remotely, we are having even more meetings than ever. Meetings have also increased in length and frequency over the past few years.

Everyday more than half a billion people are engaged in remote meetings. Just think about the wealth of information which is being discussed in every session, even more so if we consider the valuable information that is lost. 

Current companies only partially solve the problem we face today, of how do you take meeting information and make it consumable for the rest of the organization. 
These old technologies only create further distractions to the flow of the meeting, and are unable to adapt to this new wave of remote work life

With this recent mass migration to a remote work lifestyle our current default needs to be asynchronous communication.  

Tactiq captures valuable insights, which would otherwise be lost, so they can be voiced throughout the company. We capture these insights so they can easily be accessed through our knowledge traceability platform.

Capture Key Items

Highlight, Tag & Mark key items within your meetings with ease. Edit & Collaborate on your meeting notes in real-time.

Smarter Summaries

Using AI/ML get analytics & recommendations to improve your meeting summaries.

Stay engaged, we'll take care of the notes


Collaborate in real-time, capture key insights with ease. Capture items in the medium that suits your needs; Transcriptions, Video or Audio.


Simple effective summaries, in-depth analysis of your meeting insights. Create consumable bites for your team to easily digest.

Knowledge Database

Access your summaries, analytics & review your meeting insights at anytime for asynchronous communication throughout your organization.

Easily capture, highlight & share meeting insights throughout the organization

  • Digestible Summaries

    Cut the fat, create summaries with the key information required to keep your team up to speed. In any medium you wish; Trancsript, Video, Audio.

  • Use your own Project/Task Mangement platform or Share with Tactiq

    Never miss a beat, use asynchronous communication to share information with ease, to people within or outside your organization.

  • Store your meeting insights on the Tactiq platform

    Search, Analyse, Review your meeting insights at anytime on Tactiq secure knowledge database.

Knowledge is captured & shared instantly

Flag, Tag, Highlight any important item during your meeting. Collaborate in real-time to edit your meeting documents.

Store & Share Key meeting insights

Create AI assisted summaries of key meeting items.
Securely share & store this information within the Tactiq platform.