Tactiq transcribes meetings live. Focus on the conversation.

Dive into discussions with Tactiq’s live transcripts and forget about note-taking distractions. Automate all post-meeting tasks and follow-ups with a single click using AI.

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Helping the world’s most modern companies communicate better
Tactiq helps you...
Keep better track of conversations and never forget what's important.
View clear & well-structured notes to get a good grasp of priorities.
Take action
Have clear focus points, insights, and next steps to get stuff done.
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View real-time transcriptions during meetings

Tactiq starts automatically at your meeting's beginning, offering a simple, bot-free tool to view transcripts in real time.

Select language: Transcribe meetings in 30+ available languages

Take screenshots: Add visuals to transcripts for better documentation

Know who said what: Speaker identification breaks down transcripts by participant

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Turn transcripts into recaps, summaries, and project progress

Stop doing your post-meeting tasks and follow-up actions manually. Let Tactiq do the work for you to save time and get more out of meetings.

Generate meeting summaries: Get insightful long & short summaries with one click

Create Jira & Linear tickets: Craft tasks faster without missing important priorities

Turn meetings into project updates: Keep clients, teams, and stakeholders in the loop

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Designed to make remote meetings more productive

Tactiq works with the video conferencing software of your choice and connects with your tech stack to simplify post-meeting actions.

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Tactiq AI.
Get more out of meetings with AI to increase productivity, rally your team around milestones, and better document next steps on the roadmap.

Detailed summaries

Action items

Create Jira tickets

Markdown format

Ask questions

Next Steps

Loved by ambitious folks who want to save time and focus more
For Solopreneurs
“It's a HUGE time saver for solopreneurs.  I can focus on action items, get help with scribing and even use it for some of my content ideas. I love it!”
Cassandra O. James
For Project Managers
“Having access to the transcription real-time during calls helps to visually "hear" what others are saying especially when the Zoom captions can not keep up.”
Mike McAllister
For Product Management
“I have been using this for over 3 months now and it’s been one of the best tools in my library. With all the integrations it really increases productivity for me.”
Wayne Boreland
Meeting transcription top features
Speaker identification. Tactiq is a great listener and detects who said what so you can understand their tasks, goals, and priorities.
Real-time transcriptions. Get a live view of transcriptions during meetings in the non-intrusive, bot-free Tactiq window. Effortlessly track topics and reference previous remarks during conversations.
Fast search. Quickly jump to the exact part of the conversation you need for reference to bring up ideas, priorities, and insights.
Over 30+ languages. Tactiq speaks English, Spanish, French, German, and 30+ other languages to generate transcripts for international teams.
Add tags & labels. Make it easier to find action items, decisions, questions, or highlights by adding tags, labels, or comments to the live transcript.
Take screenshots. Add visuals to the transcript and capture important moments, specific references, or parts of a presentation you will need later.
Export to docs. Turn live transcriptions into a range of documents and formats using the PDF or TXT export to automate documentation, content for knowledge bases, and task briefs.
Measure speaker participation. View speaker stats after the meeting to understand who are the most active participants.
Share transcripts. Share meeting transcripts, summaries, and recaps with speakers or other stakeholders easily via email or shareable link.
Don’t  just take our word for it
1,400+ reviews on Chrome Web Store
"I experienced TacTiq in both languages: English and Portuguese. It was fantastic for both! I recommend it!"

Daniela Maciel Pinto

"Until you actually use it, you will never know how useful it is and how much time can be saved and it makes our work so efficient & increases our productivity. Awesome!"

Anthony David

"This app is extremely useful. We love the summarizing ability. Makes sure that all meeting participants have a record of what was discussed and agreed to"

George Fleming

"I'm very impressed with the app. We have meetings in various languages and Tactiq does an excellent job at understanding the flow of conversations. "

Samuel Cuevas

"Reomiendo 100% esta fabulosa aplicación IA. gran ayuda para todo."

Jorge cardenas gutierrez

"Tested almost all similar products, Only Tactiq.io that transcribes the conversation on the fly."

Andre Daniel Ridwan

Questions? This is the spot for answers!👇

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team

How does Tactiq generate accurate meeting transcriptions

Tactiq uses advanced AI technology to transcribe meetings in real-time with high accuracy. Our system continuously learns and improves, ensuring that your transcripts capture every word clearly and correctly.

Can I edit the transcripts generated by Tactiq?

Yes, you have full control to edit your transcripts post-meeting. Tactiq provides an easy-to-use interface where you can review, modify, and even annotate your transcripts for clarity and reference.

Are transcripts generated by Tactiq searchable?

Absolutely. Tactiq's transcripts are fully searchable, making it easy for you to find specific discussions, keywords, or action items. This feature saves you time and helps you efficiently organize your meeting insights.

How quickly are transcripts available after a meeting ends?

Transcripts are available almost immediately after your meeting concludes. Tactiq processes your meeting's audio in real-time, so by the time your meeting is over, your transcript is ready for review and action.

Does Tactiq use ChatGPT for transcribing meetings?

No, Tactiq utilizes OpenAI's enterprise API for transcribing meetings, which offers advanced capabilities distinct from ChatGPT. This ensures high-quality, accurate transcriptions tailored for professional use. For more details on how we prioritize your privacy and data security, visit our Privacy Center.

Are my meeting transcripts private and secure?

Yes. Tactiq employs state-of-the-art encryption and security practices to protect your data. Transcripts are stored securely, and only authorized users have access to them, ensuring your information remains confidential. Visit our Trust Center to learn more.

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