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Hearing impaired, attention difficulties, non-native speakers - we're proud to help you improve accessibility for more individuals.
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Attention challenged individuals

Can stay focused with transcriptions as a memory aid for when attention drifts

"Tactiq is very simple and invaluable to someone like me who has ADHD and has a hard time always following along in meetings".

UX Designer, United States
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Hearing impaired individuals

Can participate with a written transcription that makes the conversation readable text

"We work in accessibility and have a person on our team who's deaf. We basically rely on having the transcriptions on for her to fully participate in our meetings".

Accessibility Services Founder, Japan
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Non-native language speakers

Can refer back to the transcript to read and understand content at their own pace

"Tactiq is very useful for my students that are non-native english speakers as they have a transcript to refer back to".

Professor, United States

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