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Run productive meetings with allocated time and expected outcomes.

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Tactiq Meeting Agenda
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The key to shorter, better meetings
Collect input from team members in real-time. Determine appropriate time allocation for each agenda and set up the shot clock.
Keep meetings lively, focused, and sharp with collaborative meetings notes and the shot clock. There is no time wasted on off-topic items and going-nowhere conversations.
Easily learn what was discussed and decided yesterday, weeks and months ago using meetings notes. Get the data about the the spent time and number of participants for every meeting.
Collaborate together |
Joint work on meeting minutes where everyone contributes. Capture meeting updates in real time with Tactiq. All changes will be saved automatically for every member.
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Stay collected
There is no time wasted on off-topic items and going-nowhere conversations with the timer for every agenda. It’s impersonal, but that’s what makes it effective. No more never-ending tangents.
Reflect & Improve
Get the information you need to manage your meetings, plus feedback that tells you how useful your meetings are. Know where to make updates.
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