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Streamline engineering tasks with meeting transcripts & summaries

Turn complex tech discussions into clear, structured insights with Tactiq’s AI summaries, project updates, and next steps.

Tactiq supports over 25 languages!
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Transcription tool for Zoom, Google Meet and MS Teams
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Save time from taking notes and extracting next steps from detailed engineering meetings


Install Tactiq to transcribe all your meetings in real time with 98% accuracy.

Recalling information

Review discussions & decisions from meetings to always be up to speed.

Writing updates

Quickly generate meeting summaries & action items with AI prompts.

Tactiq uses AI to put your meeting transcripts to work

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Turn complex tech discussions into tasks

Automatically generate summaries and next steps for every meeting with your team. Send them to Slack or any tool of your choice.

Generate action items for each developer

Keep meeting notes organized in one place

Easily backtrack past decisions and tasks

Save time from taking notes in each meeting

Capture key insights from intense engineering discussions and ensure your tech team is aligned.

Stand-ups: Generate short summaries for Slack

Backlog grooming: Create action items for team members

Sprint planning: Get next steps & decisions made

Automate tech meeting documentation

Automatically transcribe tech meetings and capture every database specification, API detail, and infrastructure setup.

Get a full transcript after each meeting

Leverage AI to prewrite documentation and wiki pages

Spend more time doing what matters - writing new code

Facilitate cross-team collaboration

Bridge the gap between engineering and other teams, like product and marketing, by providing clear, actionable summaries of tech meetings.

Get aligned with product team on roadmap

Sync with marketing to clarify capabilities

Update stakeholders on timelines & status

Solve high-value problems faster with clear priorities

Extract the priority issues to focus on from tech meetings and organize your engineering workflow.

Use searchable transcripts to find issues

Generate next steps from meetings in 1 click

Create tickets for task management platforms

Why the most customer-centric marketers love using Tactiq:
“I use it to find my focus points to put them into docs. I review what has been said to follow up on.”
“I love the ability to summarize my meetings and document the actions in bulleted form using the custom kit.”
“I have been using this for over 3 months now and it’s been one of the best tools in my library. With all the integrations it really increases productivity for me.”
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Install the bot-free Chrome extension now
Tactiq works in browser meetings on Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams

Store all your transcripts from different meeting apps in one place.

Meeting transcription top features
Speaker identification. Tactiq is a great listener and detects who said what so you can understand their tasks, goals, and priorities.
Real-time transcriptions. Get a live view of transcriptions during meetings in the non-intrusive, bot-free Tactiq window. Effortlessly track topics and reference previous remarks during conversations.
Fast search. Quickly jump to the exact part of the conversation you need for reference to bring up ideas, priorities, and insights.
Over 30+ languages. Tactiq speaks English, Spanish, French, German, and 30+ other languages to generate transcripts for international teams.
Add tags & labels. Make it easier to find action items, decisions, questions, or highlights by adding tags, labels, or comments to the live transcript.
Take screenshots. Add visuals to the transcript and capture important moments, specific references, or parts of a presentation you will need later.
Export to docs. Turn live transcriptions into a range of documents and formats using the PDF or TXT export to automate documentation, content for knowledge bases, and task briefs.
Measure speaker participation. View speaker stats after the meeting to understand who are the most active participants.
Share transcripts. Share meeting transcripts, summaries, and recaps with speakers or other stakeholders easily via email or shareable link.
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Connect your favorite apps.
Tactiq integrates with online meeting software, project management platforms, CMS platforms, communication tools, and much more.
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How does Tactiq handle technical jargon in meeting transcripts?

The AI is trained to recognize and accurately transcribe technical jargon and industry-specific terminology, ensuring that every detail in your engineering meetings is captured clearly and correctly.

What features does it offer to enhance team alignment post-meeting?

Improve post-meeting team alignment by generating automated summaries, action items, and seamless integration with project management tools, ensuring everyone stays informed and on track.

How can I streamline communication with stakeholders?

Tactiq simplifies the process of sharing actionable insights and progress updates with stakeholders. Send out meeting summaries in one click, ensuring everyone is aligned and informed about the latest developments and decisions.

Will everyone in the meeting see the transcription?

No, the transcription is only displayed for you, but you can notify everyone that you're transcribing during the meeting. Learn more.

Can Tactiq help identify technical issues discussed in meetings for further analysis?

Yes, Tactiq's transcription service includes feature tagging, allowing teams to flag and categorize technical issues discussed during meetings for easy reference and in-depth analysis later.

Can I test Tactiq before committing to a paid plan?

Absolutely, all features are available to try on our free plan, allowing you to fully explore and experience how Tactiq can transform your meetings before making any commitment.

Put your product meetings to work using AI

Keep your projects on track with actionable meeting insights. Transcribe your first 10 meetings for free.

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