Turn creative brainstorming into action with Tactiq

With Tactiq your team can easily transform brainstorming sessions into a focused action plan with clear next steps to achieve your goals.

Tactiq supports over 25 languages!
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Why people love using Tactiq for brainstorming

With Tactiq's automated transcribing you go from scattered thoughts to refined creative ideation that solves real problems.

Focus on generating ideas

Inspire your team to create as many ideas as possible and let Tactiq transcribes them all to give you a summary after the meeting.

Encourage creativity

Empower participants to think outside the box instead of losing focus from taking down notes.

Define objectives

Set goals for your brainstorming session so Tactiq can give you next steps & summaries that enable action.

Get unique perspectives

Use Tactiq to transcribe every unique contribution to your brainstorming session.

Facilitate rapid iteration

Use Tactiq to generate action items from every idea so you can organize and prioritize how to focus team efforts.

Foster collaboration

Easily share the transcript & AI insights with participants after your brainstorming session, so everyone is in the loop.

Capture every idea with live transcripts

Enhance your brainstorming sessions with transcriptions. Capture all ideas to make sure you have a complete record of the creative process.

Empower every voice in your team

Summarize your team's ideas and contributions with AI and determine the strongest ideas to move forward after brainstorming sessions.

Go from brainstorm to blueprint with insightful follow-ups

With Tactiq, the end of your brainstorming is just the start. Use Tactiq's AI to create follow up emails so your team can maintain momentum.

Loved by ambitious folks who want to save time and focus more
For Solopreneurs
“It's a HUGE time saver for solopreneurs.  I can focus on action items, get help with scribing and even use it for some of my content ideas. I love it!”
Cassandra O. James
For Project Managers
“Having access to the transcription real-time during calls helps to visually "hear" what others are saying especially when the Zoom captions can not keep up.”
Mike McAllister
For Product Management
“I have been using this for over 3 months now and it’s been one of the best tools in my library. With all the integrations it really increases productivity for me.”
Wayne Boreland
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Tactiq works in browser meetings on Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams

Store all your transcripts from different meeting apps in one place.

Save time by automating note taking and post-meeting actions

Transcribe brainstorming

Automate note-taking for brainstorming and capture all ideas effortlessly.

Get actionable insights

Generate action items, summaries, and next steps to clarify what must be done.

Follow-up and share

Send follow-up emails faster and share brainstorming insights in one click.

Streamline creative brainstorming sessions with Tactiq

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