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Improve knowledge sharing and project management with shared spaces to unify your meeting notes. From specific projects to team spaces.

Centralise meeting details

transcript details


shared content

transcript details

Helping 10,000+ of the world’s most modern companies communicate better


Transform your meeting transcripts into a powerful knowledge base.

Organise and store all your team’s meeting transcripts in its own dedicated space, so everyone on your team is always on the same page.

Create a dedicated knowledge space for every team. Engineering, Design, Product - you name it you can create a space for it.

Instantly search through all previous meeting transcripts. Search with tags.

Get actionable insights from your team meetings in a single click.


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“Tactiq has eliminated all the manual work I used to do.”

Maria Shato

Project Manager


Simple set up. Powerful controls

Easily create spaces. Name your space, invite your team - and you’re done.

Be in control. Set space permissions for each user in each space.

“Tactiq has saved me countless hours...and freed my schedule.”
Tactiq user

Nick Monteleone

Production Coordinator


Streamline collaboration.

Use Spaces to collate and store all relevant meeting transcripts to make multi-team work seamless.

Use multiple spaces to run multiple projects in parallel.

Share transcripts to a space with a single click.

“I can focus on what my clients are saying in the moment knowing there is a full and complete record."
Tactiq user

Ian Burton

Leadership Coach

Based on 1,500+ reviews on Chrome Web Store

This is absolutely amazing, it works like magic. It transcribes in real time, summarized very well and provides action items lists that need just a minor touch up. I'm impressed!

Sven-Malte Störring

This is sensational! It makes me so efficient!

Alejandra Vidales

"Extremely useful. We love the summarizing ability. Makes sure that all meeting participants have a record of what was discussed and agreed to."

George Fleming

This is worth every penny! As a portfolio manager for IT systems this allows me to focus on the conversation and be more engaged now that I do not have to worry about capturing notes.

Marissa Porto

“Reomiendo 100% esta fabulosa aplicación IA. gran ayuda para todo."

Sven-Malte Störring

"We have meetings in various languages and Tactiq does an excellent job at understanding the flow of conversations."

Samuel Cuevas

"Until you actually use it, you will never know how useful it is and how much time can be saved. It makes our work so efficient & increases our productivity. Awesome!"

Anthony David

This app is great, love that you can share to Slack as well.

Toni-Q Harris

“Note-taking is seamless for me now.”

Tanicia Pratt

Frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team
Does Tactiq use ChatGPT?

No. We are using OpenAI's enterprise API offering, which is different from ChatGPT.
Read more in our Privacy Center.

Will OpenAI use my data?

No, OpenAI does not use data submitted via API to train OpenAI models or improve OpenAI’s service offering. Read Open AI API Policy.

Do you store the transcription?

We don’t own the transcription. You can choose to save it to Tactiq. Read more in our Privacy Center.

Do you record the audio?

Tactiq do not record or store the audio. The transcript is happening in real-time and saved as a text.

Will everyone in the meeting see the transcription?

No, the transcription is only displayed for you, but you can notify everyone that you're transcribing during the meeting. Learn more

Can I install it for my whole team?

To install for all of your users, contact your GSuite admin. Information on how to do this can be found here.

Unlock the power of shared knowledge.