Create product demos that hit the spot

Real-time transcripts and AI-powered insights help you make product demos better and better by capture crucial user feedback.

Tactiq supports over 25 languages!
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Why people love using Tactiq for product demos

Capture user feedback and reactions accurately to optimize your demos and educate your audience on the true value of your product.

Engage & convert prospects

Find what matters to customers the most to craft the product demos that will get their attention and desire to explore.

Improve product adoption

Help users understand your product’s real value and motivate them to adopt your new features & developments.

Get external & internal buy-in

Make product demos educate clients, partners, and stakeholders by focusing on what matters most from past insights.

Find what makes users tick

Understand users with detailed meeting data to adjust product demos based on problems, needs, and desired outcomes.

Optimize & personalize demos

Use your meeting insights from Tactiq to polish what works, remove what doesn’t and nail each next product demo.

Improve win & close rates

Shorten the sales cycle with product demos that touch on all key customer needs and get the deal done faster.

Uncover valuable user insights from product demo transcripts

Focus on performing a killer product demo while Tactiq transcribes all the user reactions and feedback in real-time. Never take notes again.

Polish product demos with detailed user feedback from Tactiq

Make your next product demo the best one yet by summarizing vital user insights to make sure you are addressing what matters the most.

Connect your main product value to real customer needs

Transform the way you talk about your product and showcase its value by deeply understanding how customers perceive it during demos.

Loved by ambitious folks who want to save time and focus more
For Solopreneurs
“It's a HUGE time saver for solopreneurs.  I can focus on action items, get help with scribing and even use it for some of my content ideas. I love it!”
Cassandra O. James
For Project Managers
“Having access to the transcription real-time during calls helps to visually "hear" what others are saying especially when the Zoom captions can not keep up.”
Mike McAllister
For Product Management
“I have been using this for over 3 months now and it’s been one of the best tools in my library. With all the integrations it really increases productivity for me.”
Wayne Boreland
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Tactiq works in browser meetings on Google Meet, Zoom, and Teams

Store all your transcripts from different meeting apps in one place.

Save time from manual note taking and post-meeting actions

Automate transcripts

Focus on closing the sale and listening to customer concerns, instead of taking notes.

Get pivotal insights

Uncover key customer needs, concerns, and desires with transcripts & summaries.

Be a better closer

Put meeting data to work and alleviate customer worries with ease to seal the deal.

Use meeting insights to craft the product demos that will drive growth

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