Get Hindi Meetings Transcription with Tactiq AI

Get Hindi Meetings Transcription with Tactiq AI

Efficiently transcribe Hindi meetings with Tactiq. Get accurate Hindi transcriptions and translations. Start for free today!

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Install Chrome extension
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Start the meeting
Join your meeting in the browser to start the live transcription.
Simplify post-meeting tasks
Turn transcripts into summaries, recaps, tasks, and faster project progress.
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Transcribe Hindi Meetings with Tactiq AI

Accurately transcribe Hindi meetings with Tactiq. Easily convert Hindi audio to text in real-time and get translations to any language. Start now for free and simplify your post-meeting tasks with summaries and actionable recaps. Perfect for international teams!

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How to Transcribe Hindi with AI
Step 1
Start a meeting or upload your Hindi audio or video. Tactiq will automatically transcribe everything for you.
Step 2
Translate your Hindi transcript into any language using Tactiq AI prompts. Share key insights with your team.
Step 3
Generate summaries, export your Hindi transcript, and share it with stakeholders to streamline your workflow.
In-meeting actions
Select your language
Tactiq speaks English, Spanish, French, German, and 60+ other languages to generate transcripts for international teams.
Make meetings more productive
Focus on the conversation while you view the transcript, highlight what matters, and take your own notes, moments, specific references, or parts of a presentation you will need for later.
Take screenshots
Add screenshots to your transcript to save important moments, specific references, or parts of a presentation you will need for later.
Add tags & labels
Make it easier to find action items, decisions, questions, or highlights by adding tags, labels, or comments to the live transcript.
Post-meeting actions
Project updates
Use AI to create your project updates that include events, deadlines, discussions, next steps, notes, and takeaways.
Long & short summaries
Get insightful meeting summaries in one click to make the right follow-up actions and get more out of your conversations.
Share & export
Share the transcript via email or shareable link. Export to PDF or TXT for faster documentation, better communication, and time saving.
Action items & recaps
Generate 3 to 5 top action items in regular or markdown format to make sure you stay on top of priorities after the meeting.
Connect your favorite apps.
Tactiq integrates with online meeting software, project management platforms, CMS platforms, communication tools, and much more.
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How do I transcribe Hindi meetings with Tactiq?

To transcribe Hindi meetings, simply start your meeting and select Hindi in the Tactiq settings. Tactiq will automatically transcribe the conversation in Hindi for you.

Can Tactiq transcribe Hindi audio to text?

Yes, Tactiq can seamlessly transcribe Hindi audio to text. Just upload your audio file and Tactiq will handle the rest, providing you with an accurate Hindi transcript.

Is it possible to get Hindi transcription for video meetings?

Absolutely! Tactiq supports Hindi transcription for video meetings. Simply upload your video file and Tactiq will generate the Hindi transcript for you.

Can I translate Hindi transcriptions to other languages?

Yes, Tactiq allows you to translate Hindi transcriptions into over 60 languages. Use the AI prompts in Tactiq to convert your Hindi transcript to your desired language.

How accurate is Tactiq's Hindi transcription?

Tactiq uses advanced AI to ensure high accuracy in Hindi transcription. While no tool is perfect, Tactiq aims to capture every detail accurately for reliable transcripts.

Can I transcribe Hindi in Zoom, Microsoft Teams and Google Meet?

Yes! Please refer for details. Google Meet generally supports more languages than Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

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