Taking notes during a meeting can be difficult, especially if you're trying to pay attention to the meeting. It's hard to focus on the discussion when trying to type out notes furiously. You might miss something important and then have to go back and try and figure out what was said. You could rely on the transcript file after the meeting. But who's got the time to read that? Plus, the full transcript of the meeting isn't available if you're using Google Meet as part of your personal Gmail account. The transcript and recording of the call are only available if you have Google Workspace.

What if there's a way that you can automatically take notes in Google Meet? And get them for free? 

But first...let's discuss what we mean by automatically taking notes in Google Meet.

What Is Automatic Notetaking?

Automatic note-taking means you can automatically capture the content of the meeting without typing or writing anything down.

It's like having a virtual assistant on the call with you who knows which sentences to highlight and categorize the notes into:

  • Action Item: If you're a project manager leading a remote team, you'll always need to take notes of the action items, who are responsible for them, and the deadline.
  • Question: Sometimes, there will be open questions, so you'll need to write them down to review after the meeting.
  • Decision: Some questions must lead to a decision, such as the next launch date.
  • Callout: Lastly, you need to highlight unique and important insights uncovered in the discussions.

This technology is made possible based on the keywords mentioned in the meeting. For example, when you say, "Let's set that as our goal for next week," the note-taking tool will automatically recognize this as a decision type of note.

That's exactly what Tactiq does. It's a real-time transcription tool that automatically highlights important sentences during the meeting.

Here are some default keywords that are automatically highlighted during the meeting:

keywords that are automatically highlighted during the meeting

You can also add your own specific keywords depending on your role and meeting type.


How to Automatically Take Notes in Google Meet Using Tactiq

Now that we've covered how automatic notetaking actually works, let's go over the step-by-step process of using Tactiq. No worries! It's so easy to use.

  1. Install Tactiq for free on Google Chrome.
Google Meet Integration
  1. Join your next Google Meet meeting. The Tactiq Window will appear on the lower right side of the screen. Here, you'll see the real-time transcription.
Automatically Take Notes in Google Meet
  1. Tactiq will automatically highlight the keywords. Or you can choose to highlight a sentence once it comes up on the screen.
  1. After the call, you'll be able to access the full transcript with the speaker's name.

The best part is that you'll see all of the highlights of the meeting without having to read the entire transcript.

highlights of the meeting

Once you have the highlights, there are many things you can do to organize your notes further.

How to Organize Your Meeting Notes

The first step is to share the transcript with the other call attendees. When you use Tactiq, you can share it as a PDF file or a Google Doc. 

Discussions in a meeting is never a one-and-done deal, so it's important to keep track of what's been agreed upon and discussed.

Here are the top 3 things you should do with your notes:

  1. Action items that don't need further deliberation must be transferred to a task or project management tool like Notion, Asana, or Trello.
  2. If there are open questions, you can tag your colleague in the comment.
  1. Save important callouts in your knowledge base or Google Docs so valuable information you may need in the future doesn't get lost.

Tactiq is a godsend for project managers, freelancers, or team leaders who are managing multiple projects and have to attend dozens of meetings in a week. With automatic notetaking capabilities, you'll never have to worry about missing anything.

Wrapping It Up

Whether you're leading a remote team or simply want to improve your productivity during meetings, automatic notetaking is a great solution.

With Tactiq, you can easily capture the most important information in Google Meet and organize it for future reference. And with its easy-to-use interface and keyword-based transcription, anyone can take notes with Tactiq in no time.

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Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Bringing AI into your meetings has never been so easy.

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