An audio-to-text converter offers a great way to convert spoken words from audio recordings into written form, allowing easier editing, sharing, and referencing. Whether you’re a student taking notes and summarizing texts, an online video editor who handles different video and audio file formats, or a startup founder attending online meetings and transcribing interviews, an audio-to-text converter can be your best friend!

Audio-to-text converters will come in handy in transcribing and summarizing online meetings
Audio-to-text converters will come in handy in transcribing and summarizing online meetings

An AI-powered audio-to-text tool ensures that you document meetings, lectures, and interviews quickly and accurately. In this blog post, you will get essential tips for choosing and using an audio-to-text converter to make you more productive in your daily tasks.  

How to Convert Audio-To-Text (For Free)

If you want to use an audio-to-text converter with advanced features, try Tactiq! Its latest speech recognition technology makes it a versatile transcription software that accurately converts audio to text transcript in just a click!

Go to the Chrome Web Store to download and install Tactiq for free. With Tactiq, you can say goodbye to manually transcribing your audio files and explore more meeting options with a global team, as it supports over 25 languages.

Install and download Tactiq for free from the Chrome Web Store
Install and download Tactiq for free from the Chrome Web Store

Here are two ways that you can use Tactiq to convert your video and audio recordings:

  1. Tactiq automatically transcribes discussions during an online meeting. Once you have installed Tactiq, it will instantly pop up in your meetings, transcribe your conversations, and create captions. It even automatically takes notes and highlights important details of your discussions. Tactiq will instantly provide you with a transcript after your meeting.
Tactiq automatically joins in and  transcribes your meetings
Tactiq automatically joins in and  transcribes your meetings
  1. Upload video or audio files. If you have a pre-recorded audio file from a meeting or phone call, you can easily upload it on Tactiq. Whether it's a recorded meeting, lecture, podcast, or personal voice memo, Tactiq can quickly convert it into an audio transcript. The best part is that Tactiq supports multiple file formats, including a txt file.
You can upload a meeting recording or transcript on Tactiq
You can upload a meeting recording or transcript on Tactiq


6 Tips to Get Accurate Transcription

Accurate audio transcriptions of your meetings mean you get quality meeting notes, recaps, or minutes to share with your team. Here are six tips that can help you get accurate transcripts every time:

  • Ensure clear audio quality. To transcribe audio more accurately, use a clear audio recording free from background noise or distortion, and consider using AI transcription software like Tactiq.
With Tactiq, you can now easily convert voice from audio recodings into written form
With Tactiq, you can now easily convert voice from audio recodings into written form
  • Adjust recording settings. Adjust recording settings to optimize clarity before capturing and transcribing audio files. Ensure proper microphone placement, adjust input levels, and record in a quiet area to improve the accuracy of the transcription process.
  • Check language settings. Another tip to accurately convert audio to text is to confirm that the language settings in the converter match the language spoken in the audio. Try using Tactiq, which supports multiple languages and automatically generates subtitles and captions to prevent misinterpretations.
Tactiq supports over 25 languages
  • Consider speaker identification features. For multi-speaker recordings, choose a converter that offers speaker identification features. Tactiq provides this feature to eliminate manual transcription and helps distinguish between speakers for more organized transcripts.
Tactiq will show the speaker statistics of a meeting
  • Use punctuation. When speaking, emphasize proper punctuation by pausing between sentences and clearly articulating commas, periods, and other punctuation marks.
  • Review and edit. After transcription, take the time to review and edit the text for any errors or discrepancies. Human oversight can catch nuances that automated systems might miss.

How to Choose the Right Audio-to-Text Converter

When searching for an audio-to-text converter, choose a tool that best suits your needs. Here are some essential factors to consider:

  • Accuracy. When choosing an AI transcription tool, opt for one with high accuracy rates for complex audio content and formats.
  • Language and Dialect Support. Ensure your audio-to-text converter can transcribe multiple languages and dialects correctly, making it ideal for diverse content.
  • Ease of Use. Choose a transcription tool with a user-friendly interface and navigation set-up to save time and minimize your team's learning curve. Tactiq, for example, offers automatic transcription and single-click quick prompts, making the transcription process even more efficient.
  • Integration Capabilities. Some audio-to-text converters can integrate with productivity tools and platforms like Google Docs or other project management software. This integration can enhance workflow efficiency by offering direct access to transcriptions. Tactiq is compatible with apps like Google Drive and Hubspot, making it an ideal choice for teams.
  • Pricing and Subscription Models. While some audio-to-text converters offer free transcription, premium plans may have additional features, like advanced editing tools, speaker identification, or faster turnaround times. Evaluate your needs against the pricing to find the best value. Look for converters that offer demos or trial periods so you can test the tool before purchasing and make an informed decision based on your requirements.
Tactiq offers affordable pricing plans
Tactiq offers affordable pricing plans
  • Customer Support and Updates. Choose an audio-to-text converter with responsive customer support and regular updates. A reliable support team can assist with any issues or queries, ensuring the smooth operation of the tool. Frequent updates also indicate the developer's commitment to improving the converter's performance and adding new features over time.

Top 5 Audio-to-Text Converters

If you're looking for an accurate audio-to-text converter, look no further! We've gathered a list of the top five tools to meet your needs.

  1. Descript. With its intuitive platform, Descript boasts powerful editing tools that make audio transcription accurate and efficient.
  1. has fast turnaround times, competitive pricing, and excellent accuracy rates, which makes it a reliable choice for all your transcription needs.
  1. offers a user-friendly platform with real-time transcription capabilities, making it perfect for projects with tight deadlines.
  1. Tactiq uploads. Tactiq's manual upload feature allows accurate transcription and supports various video and audio formats. Plus, you can use its quick and personalized AI prompts for all your meeting needs!
Use Tactiq's quick promps with just one click
Use Tactiq's quick promps with just one click
  1. Tactiq’s YouTube Transcript feature. For those working with YouTube content, Tactiq’s YouTube Transcript offers seamless integration for transcribing video audio into text. You can quickly transcribe your video content into written text with just a few clicks for free!
Transcribe Youtube videos with Tactiq!
Transcribe Youtube videos with Tactiq!

Can ChatGPT Convert Audio to Text?

Yes, ChatGPT can convert audio-to-text with its mobile app's speech-to-text feature using OpenAI's Whisper API. Users can also use the free version of ChatGPT's voice chat to converse with the chatbot using vocal prompts. For summarizing voice recordings, you can transcribe them accurately with AI tools like Tactiq and paste them into ChatGPT for quick summaries.

ChatGPT can transcribe audio


Is there a free AI tool to transcribe audio-to-text?

Yes, many AI-powered tools offer free audio-to-text transcription services and other features.

How can I convert my voice to text?

You can convert your voice to text using audio-to-text converters like Tactiq, which allow you to upload audio files or automatically transcribe in real-time during calls.

How accurate are audio-to-text converters?

The accuracy of audio-to-text converters varies among tools, with some achieving near-perfect accuracy for clear recordings and others requiring editing for complex content or accents.

Do these tools work with different dialects and accents?

Most audio-to-text converters work with different dialects and accents, but their accuracy may vary due to language models and training data.

Why Choose Tactiq as Your Audio-to-Text Converter?

Audio-to-text converters have transformed how we transcribe audio content, providing unmatched efficiency and accuracy. Given the challenges of manually transcribing audio or video files, factors like precision, language options, ease of use, integration, and cost are crucial when choosing the right tool.

Tactiq is the ideal choice for audio transcription
Tactiq is the ideal choice for audio transcription

Tactiq stands out as an excellent choice, offering versatility with support for multiple languages, real-time call transcription, and reliable manual upload features. Its integration with other apps and user-friendly interface simplifies audio transcription. Whether for interviews, video subtitles, or personal notes, Tactiq empowers users to achieve precise results and easily enhance productivity.

Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Bringing AI into your meetings has never been so easy.

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