From summarizing lengthy transcripts to helping you schedule meetings and improving your workflows, ChatGPT has come a long way in making remote work fun and efficient.  

Can you imagine yourself researching marketing campaign ideas or brainstorming blog content outlines and briefs with just the sound of your voice? Sounds impossible, right? Well, not anymore. With ChatGPT’s speech-to-text software, you can now record, transcribe, and turn your conversations and voice prompts into texts in just a few seconds!

In this article, we will explore the ChatGPT speech-to-text technology so you can innovate and always complete your tasks on time! We will also dive into Tactiq’s speech-to-text capabilities that can simplify your meetings with quick transcripts, summaries, and note-taking. 

What is Speech-to-Text?

Speech-to-text technology converts spoken words to text using voice input and AI speech recognition technology. Speech-to-text can be used in audio transcriptions, real-time captioning, and integrating voice commands into app development. 

Speech-to-text differs from text-to-speech models, which transform written text into spoken words. Text-to-speech software is crucial in AI-powered features such as virtual chatbots and assistance tools for people with disabilities. For example, text-to-speech is ideal when developing an app that can help visually impaired persons. 

Where can Speech-to-Text Technology be Used?

Speech-to-text technology can enhance efficiency, accessibility, and communication in various industries. Here are some areas where it can be useful:


Speech-to-text can improve educational practices by transcribing lectures and discussions and providing accessible, collaborative, and searchable content for teachers and students. 

Content creation

AI transcription software like Whisper API can maximize content creation by repurposing existing content. 


Converting spoken words into text can improve communication services and enhance voice recognition technology in voice-activated devices.


Startups and other businesses can optimize their marketing strategies by transcribing meetings to ensure accurate documentation of discussions and meeting minutes for future reference and analysis. 

Human resources

Transcription of interviews, training sessions, and performance reviews is crucial for accurate HR record-keeping. Tactiq offers HR quick prompts to assist professionals in summarizing and analyzing candidate interviews. 


Speech-to-text technology improves accessibility by enhancing subtitling and closed captioning processes for movies, TV series, and online videos.

Public safety

Law enforcement can benefit from using speech-to-text technology to transcribe recorded statements, interviews, and emergency calls, making investigations and legal proceedings easier.

How to Use Speech-to-Text in ChatGPT

With ChatGPT, you can now have your own voice assistant as it offers a voice chat feature on Android and iOS devices. Follow these steps to transcribe your voice and get both text and speech responses from ChatGPT:

  1. Install the ChatGPT mobile app and log in.
  2. Press the microphone button (which looks like a sound wave) in the text input area.
Microphone Button on ChatGPT
Microphone Button on ChatGPT
  1. Speak your prompt out loud to your device’s mic.
  2. Tap on Tap to stop recording when you are done to transcribe your voice.
Tap to Stop Recording Button on ChatGPT
  1. Check the transcribed text for accuracy. Using the ChatGPT mobile app, I asked ChatGPT to give me an easy recipe for red velvet cookies.
  2. Next, tap the Send button to submit the transcribed text as your prompt to ChatGPT. 
Click the Send Button on ChatGPT to Submit Transcribed Text
Click the Send Button on ChatGPT to Submit Transcribed Text

If you want ChatGPT to speak and reply with human-like audio, you can do that too with these steps:

  1. Click the Headphone icon on the chat interface of your screen. 
Click on Headphone Button to Stop Recording
Click on Headphone Button to Stop Recording
  1. Say your prompt out loud toward your device’s mic.
Say your Prompt Out Loud toward the Device's Mic
Say your Prompt Out Loud toward the Device's Mic
  1. Once you’re done speaking, wait for ChatGPT to talk with its response. You can ask it a wide range of questions. I asked ChatGPT to recommend jazz songs to improve my concentration at work! 

How to Use ChatGPT to Transcribe Audio Files

ChatGPT’s speech-to-text is part of OpenAI’s Whisper API, designed to convert audio into text. It recognizes various accents and major languages and supports various file types, including mp3, mp4, and wav, with a file size limit of 25 MB.

To maximize ChatGPT's speech-to-text function, you need to integrate ChatGPT's transcriptions API with OpenAI Python v0.27.0, upload an audio file, and specify the output format. Consider dividing larger files and using prompts to enhance transcript quality and align with the desired style.

Although powerful, ChatGPT's speech-to-text API also has its limitations, including challenges with strong accents, background noise, and low-quality audio. Dealing with homophones and complex content may also be difficult. 

Alternatively, you can still maximize ChatGPT’s features by integrating it with third-party apps or AI tools. For example, you can indirectly use ChatGPT to summarize content from Google Docs by either manually copying and pasting the Google Doc content into ChatGPT or installing a ChatGPT plugin from Zapier


Tactiq: Your Go-To AI Meeting Assistant 

While ChatGPT is a great AI software to maximize voice prompts and transcribe your audio files, it takes time to get the hang of its technicalities. If you’re looking for an alternative, beginner-friendly AI tool that can easily transcribe meetings and quickly give you meeting notes and summaries, Tactiq is the AI meeting assistant for you! 

Here’s how you can use Tactiq’s speech-to-text technology for your future meetings:

  • Download the Tactiq extension for free from the Chrome Web Store.  Once installed, Tactiq will instantly join your meetings on Zoom, Google Meet, or MS Teams. 
Install and Download Tactiq from the Chrome Web Store
Install and Download Tactiq from the Chrome Web Store
  • Let Tactiq do its magic while you enjoy your conversations. Once your meeting is done, Tactiq will generate a transcript and meeting highlights. You can find these transcription files on your Transcripts list.
Access your Files on the Tactiq Transcripts Page
Access your Files on the Tactiq Transcripts Page
Tactiq Automates Meeting Transcriptions and Summaries
Tactiq Automates Meeting Transcriptions and Summaries
  • You can use Tactiq’s quick prompts to extract important meeting details. Below, I used Tactiq’s Action Items - Top 5 quick prompt to get the action items discussed in a meeting.
Using its Quick Prompts, Tactiq can List Action Items from your Meeting
Using its Quick Prompts, Tactiq can List Action Items from your Meeting
  • To get quick answers when taking down notes or writing meeting recaps, you can ask Tactiq a question using the Ask a Question feature.
You can Use Tactiq's "Ask a Question" Feature for Quick Notes
You can Use Tactiq's "Ask a Question" Feature for Quick Notes
  • Tactiq’s AI Meeting Kits allow you to customize GPT AI prompts to automate tasks based on your conversations and generate personalized AI meeting notes for each discussion.
You can use Tactiq's "AI Meeting Kits" for personalized prompts
You can use Tactiq's "AI Meeting Kits" for personalized prompts


Can you use speech-to-text on ChatGPT?

Absolutely! ChatGPT offers a robust speech-to-text feature and is available on its mobile app for real-time transcription. 

Can I use ChatGPT to transcribe audio?

Yes, ChatGPT can now transcribe audio into text using OpenAI's Whisper API.

Does ChatGPT have a voice chat?

Yes! ChatGPT's voice chat, a feature that lets you use vocal-based prompts to converse with OpenAI's chatbot, is now available to all users.

Can ChatGPT summarize a voice recording?

Yes. ChatGPT is equipped to summarize voice recordings, provided you have the transcript ready. You can use AI tools like Tactiq to transcribe your meeting recordings accurately, then paste the transcript to ChatGPT for a quick summary.

Moving Forward

ChatGPT is excellent for many tasks, but for easy meeting transcriptions and summaries, Tactiq is much more ideal. Tactiq is user-friendly and excels in quick and accurate meeting transcriptions and note-taking. It works well with various meeting platforms, giving you fast meeting highlights. If you work remotely and want an efficient meeting assistant, Tactiq is the perfect choice!

Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Bringing AI into your meetings has never been so easy.

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