Meeting minutes are underrated. When meetings get long and confusing, meeting minutes keep everyone on track.

By capturing and sharing the significant parts of a conversation, meeting minutes help keep teams aligned, no matter how much there is to remember or how many things you’ve decided to do.

In this blog post, we’ll offer different meeting minutes templates and show you how AI can help you create your own more personalized meeting minutes template.

Meeting Minutes Templates for Every Type of Meeting

Before we discuss what to include in the minutes of a meeting and how to use Tactiq or ChatGPT to write them, let’s look at some meeting minutes templates that you can use! 

While some templates still follow a more traditional format, others already adopted a newer and fresher look. With the samples below, you’ll find the right meeting minutes for your meeting.

Basic meeting minutes template

This free Microsoft Word template is ideal for brief check-ins or individual meetings. It summarizes meeting minutes by outlining the meeting participants, agenda, and action items, as well as giving you room to include other important notes. 

Basic Meeting Minutes Template
Basic Meeting Minutes Template

Executive committee meeting minutes template

Executive committee meetings allow leaders to make decisions, handle challenges, and distribute resources. With this engaging meeting minutes template, executive committee members will have an easier time reviewing notes of the discussion.

Executive Committee Meeting Minutes Template
Executive Committee Meeting Minutes Template

Staff meeting minutes template

This meeting minutes template is perfect for regular staff meetings, as it documents various company plans, such as team-building activities or keeping track of employee performance metrics. With its simple format, you can easily jot down updates on staff, assign new tasks, report on progress, and identify upcoming events.

Staff Meeting Minutes Template
Staff Meeting Minutes Template

Board meeting minutes template

This free template for board meeting minutes is brief and straightforward, and includes a separate section for previous meeting details and voting outcomes.

Board Meeting Minutes Template
Board Meeting Minutes Template


Project management meeting minutes template

With this template, you can document the details of your project management meetings. This template captures meeting discussions and updates, and can be used with planning sessions, project coordination, and problem-solving sessions. You can download the full template here. 

Project Management Meeting Minutes Template
Project Management Meeting Minutes Template

Brainstorming meeting minutes template

Use this template to write your meeting minutes from a brainstorming meeting. This template breaks down the meeting agendas into sections that present the problem and objective, relevant insights, and upcoming tasks agreed on during your conversation. 

Brainstorming Meeting Minutes Template
Brainstorming Meeting Minutes Template

Sales meeting minutes template

This sample meeting minutes template for sales meetings has a more casual tone, but it still captures what’s important, such as updates on sales performance, how you’re tracking upcoming targets, and ideas to boost pipeline.

Sales Meeting Minutes Template
Sales Meeting Minutes Template

Finance meeting minutes template

This simple template includes relevant financial reports and budget allocations to help you plan and structure your finance meetings. 

Finance Meeting Minutes Template
Finance Meeting Minutes Template

Training meeting minutes template

This meeting minutes template outlines objectives for training meetings, including the agenda, key takeaways, resource links, and materials that training participants can easily share and access.

Training Meeting Minutes Template
Training Meeting Minutes Template

Community meeting minutes template

Community meetings engage community members around local projects and help give their say on local issues. With this sample meeting minutes template, you can record objectives, project plans, and comments and suggestions from the public for any community meeting.

Community Meeting Minutes Template
Community Meeting Minutes Template

Leadership meeting minutes template

Leadership meeting minutes record the meeting’s agenda, decisions made, issues or challenges, and additional tasks that leaders need to accomplish. This customizable meeting template helps you write concise meeting minutes and offers convenient features, including the option to attach documents and allot times to specific meeting participants.

Leadership Meeting Minutes Template
Leadership Meeting Minutes Template

Sprint retrospective meeting minutes template

Sprint retrospective meetings allow your teams to reflect on their performance. A concise template is ideal for this type of meeting so that everyone stays updated on each other's progress, and there isn’t any confusion about progress made or what happens next. This template lists questions for team members to discuss with the group. 

Sprint Retrospective Meeting Minutes Template

Scrum meeting minutes template

Regular meetings help development teams work more efficiently since they update each other regularly and ship projects within short timeframes. You can download an interactive meeting template here that is customizable to your tech teams.

Scrum Meeting Minutes Template
Scrum Meeting Minutes Template

Standup meeting minutes template

Regular standup meetings keep everyone on the same page, allowing team members to discuss their suggestions or concerns. With this flexible template, you can create standup meeting minutes that organize each person's progress, plans, and problems. 

Standup Meeting Minutes Template
Standup Meeting Minutes Template

Client meeting minutes template

This meeting minutes template uses a table to document the attendees, topics discussed, and decisions reached with clients. This is super useful, because you need to be sure that you’re catching everything they’re sharing with you, and everything that you’ve agreed to work on!

Client Meeting Minutes Template
Client Meeting Minutes Template

Shareholders meeting minutes template

For a shareholder’s meeting, meeting minutes are non-negotiable. This meeting minutes template documents the meeting's call to order, motions made, and any other discussion points. You can download the full template here. 

Shareholders Meeting Minutes Template
Shareholders Meeting Minutes Template

Marketing meeting minutes template

This meeting minutes template follows an informal flow, noting the attendees, main objective, agenda, and details of the next meeting. This helps teams stay on track and work on the marketing campaigns and initiatives that really matter.

Marketing Meeting Minutes Template
Marketing Meeting Minutes Template

Event planning meeting minutes template

This comprehensive meeting minutes template uses tables and images to capture the event’s purpose, next steps, risks involved, and details of the next meeting. It’s pretty thorough if you’re looking for a helping hand in planning events.

Event Planning Meeting Minutes Template
Event Planning Meeting Minutes Template

Product development meeting minutes template

This meeting minutes template uses a table format to make it easy to understand the status of product development along with actions and next steps.

Product Development Meeting Minutes Template
Product Development Meeting Minutes Template

Parent-teacher meeting minutes template

This sample template documents the agenda and summary of conversations had during parent-teacher meetings.

Parent-teacher Meeting Minutes Template
Parent-teacher Meeting Minutes Template

How to Take Meeting Minutes Automatically with Tactiq

Wouldn’t it be easier to create meeting minutes automatically?

Tactiq’s transcription tool uses AI to automatically create meeting minutes with summarized action items, decisions, and next steps - with every speaker uniquely identified. It works great with Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams meetings.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to using Tactiq's AI Meeting Kits to get AI meeting minutes based on your conversations! 

  1. Open Tactiq and click AI Kits. Then select + Create Kit in the upper right corner. 
Tactiq AI Meeting Kits Step 1
Tactiq AI Meeting Kits Step 1
  1. Choose + Create Tool on the top right.
Tactiq AI Meeting Kits Step 2
Tactiq AI Meeting Kits Step 2
  1. Fill in the details and add the question to the GPT Prompt box. 
  2. Click Save, and you’ve now created a meeting tool prompt!
Tactiq AI Meeting Kits Steps 3 and 4
  1. You can edit the tool in AI Kits, and it will show up on all your transcripts under Quick Prompts. It will appear as a button named My Meeting Kit – [Name of Tool].
Tactiq AI Meeting Kits Step 5

Can You Use ChatGPT for Writing Meeting Minutes?

Yes, you can! ChatGPT is a great tool to help craft meeting minutes. Why? Because it uses OpenAI’s smart text models to understand and summarize text faster than you’ll be able to yourself. 

Sample ChatGPT Prompts to Help You Write Meeting Minutes

There are many ways to use ChatGPT for your meetings, and we’ve included a few prompts below to help you write your meeting minutes. 

Make sure to copy and paste the meeting transcript below your prompt and insert into ChatGPT! As your AI assistant, Tactiq can easily generate meeting transcripts and highlights for you. 

Below are a few sample ChatGPT prompts for you to use to get meeting minutes from:

  • Create meeting minutes that capture the main points and action items discussed. This prompt will accurately summarize the significant details of the meeting and list the next steps that team members need to take. Below are the prompt and the last part of the meeting minutes it generated for me:
ChatGPT Meeting Minutes Prompt 1
ChatGPT Generates Meeting Minutes 1
  • Write meeting minutes that can serve as a reference for future discussions and progress of the [INSERT TOPIC OR PROJECT]. This prompt will provide a reference document that you can use to track progress and assess a project’s development.
ChatGPT Meeting Minutes Prompt 2
ChatGPT Generates Meeting Minutes 2
  • Draft meeting minutes that include the teams and their specific tasks in the [INSERT TOPIC OR PROJECT]. With this prompt, each team member will have a reference point for their concrete tasks and deadlines.
ChatGPT Meeting Minutes Prompt 3
ChatGPT Generates Meeting Minutes 3

Another great way to use ChatGPT is to create a meeting minutes template using this prompt:

  • Create a meeting minutes template that summarizes the important decisions made and action items during a [INSERT TYPE OF MEETING]. This prompt will create a specific meeting minutes template for any type of meeting. Below is an illustration of how I used the prompt and a part of the template it generated:
ChatGPT Prompt for a Sales Meeting Minutes Template
ChatGPT Generates Sales Meeting Minutes Template

Top 8 Things to Include in the Meeting Minutes

Meeting minutes give your team a reference to look back on discussions, decisions, and agenda items. In formal settings like corporate or board meetings, minutes can also serve as an official record, and give legal protection where needed. 

When recording meeting minutes, you’ll want to include these features:

  1. Title and type of meeting

Note the meeting type and write a clear title, as these are the first things that meeting attendees will see. 

For example: “Minutes of Brainstorming Meeting for Q3 2023 Marketing Planning.”

  1. Date and time of the meeting

Mention the exact date and time of the meeting.

  1. List of attendees and non-attendees

List out the attendees and their key contributions to the meeting. You can also mention those absent.

  1. Purpose of the meeting

Communicate the purpose of the meeting to give context and ensure that participants understand the goal.

  1. Key topics and decisions made

Highlight key discussions and decisions made during the meeting so that everyone stays on the same page. You can also record and bring forward any significant information from previous meetings, where it adds context.

  1. Action items

Summarize action items discussed in the meeting, who is responsible for them, and their deadlines. This level of communication helps make your team accountable.

  1. Date and time of the next meeting

Share details about the upcoming meeting to help your teams prepare.

  1. Important documents

Attach documents and materials shared during the meeting so everyone can easily access and review them. 

How to Take Minutes in a Meeting

There are lots of ways to write effective meeting minutes. Here’s what it’s important to remember:

Before the meeting

Decide who will take notes during the meeting and choose a quiet place to record the conversation. If you’re the note-taker, focus on the main points to keep your minutes brief and snappy.

During the meeting 

Try to stay neutral when taking notes, and focus on things that happened, rather than your take on them. You can use templates or AI tools like Tactiq to help you take accurate notes and summaries.

After the meeting 

Proofread the meeting minutes: Do they make sense? Are they well-formatted? Are they easy to read? Collaborative tools like Google Docs make it easy for people to share notes, add to the minutes, or make comments. But sometimes, a simple email will do!


Using a meeting minutes template helps you manually share a summary of what was discussed, along with the next steps. But why bother? Now you can do this easily, with AI tools like Tactiq that automatically transcribe your virtual meetings.

Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Bringing AI into your meetings has never been so easy.

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