You didn’t come here to read a long-winded introduction about why you should record Google Meet. If you have access to record Google Meet video calls (see how to check your access further down this blog), here’s how to record a meeting in Google Meet:

TL:DR; steps to record a meeting in Google Meet

  1. Check you can record a meeting in Google Meet (if you can see ‘Record meeting’ under options in your calls). For this you need: A paid google workspace account, Recording permissions enabled
  2. In your Google Meet, open options and click record.
  3. Click start recording to record. Open options and click stop recording at any time to stop, or the recording auto stops when the meeting ends.
  4. Your recording will be sent to you via email once it’s uploaded. You can also find it in your google drive under Meet recordings. 
  5. Get transcript of the meeting with a Tactiq Chrome Extension

4 Steps: Record a Google Meet Video Call 

  1. Check if you can record with your account. How can you check if this is allowed? Start an ‘instant Google Meet’ and see if you can see the ‘Record meeting’ button:
Record meeting button in Google Meet
  1. If you can’t see this button, check whether you can record google meet with your account (and if it’s enabled) in the next section below this one.
  2. If you CAN see this button you can record the video! In your next Google Meet open options, then click ‘Record meeting’:
click ‘Record meeting’
  1. Click start recording.
Click start recording

Voila, you’re recording! Damn, you’re looking good.

Meetings is recording

To stop recording, open up options again and click stop (your recording also auto stops when you leave the call or the call ends).

Stop recording Google Meet
  1. Get your recording. Once your recording is uploaded, you will get an email get a link to the file in your google drive like this:
Your Google Meet Recording email

If you can’t find this email, find the recording in your ‘Meet Recordings’ folder in your google drive.

You can also transcribe this recording to revisit what was discussed more quickly than via video. See how to get transcript of Google Meet.


Can you record a Google Meet?

Not everyone can record google meet video calls and Google makes this a little tricky to understand. According to Google documentation, only certain account types can record google meets:

Basically, if you’re on a free google account plan (eg. you have a free gmail account with no google workspace), you won’t be able to record google meet calls. You won’t be able to record, but you can still transcribe your google meets for free (see next section).

If you have access to a google workspace (you have paid workspace account, student/teacher school access, or use google through your workplace), you will be able to record google meet calls. 

This needs to be allowed first. How can you check if it’s allowed? Start an instant Google Meet and see if you can see this button:

If you can’t see this but have a compatible google workspace account, here’s how to set it up:

  1. If you manage your Google Workspace as an administrator, you can allow meeting recordings here: Google admin console -> apps (on sidebar) -> Google workspace -> Google Meet -> Meet video settings -> Recording

  1. If you use google at a workplace or school and recording isn’t allowed, you need to email your workspace admin (usually IT)

If you can record, head back up to the top for steps on how to record a meeting in google meet. You can also see how to transcribe this recording in the next section.

What happens if you can’t see the record button AND don’t have a workspace account?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to record the Google Meet video. BUT you can still transcribe your google meet calls for a complete record of what was discussed by following the steps below. 

Save a transcription with your Google Meet recording 

Google Meet has live closed-captioning free for all users. With these, you can use Tactiq to save a transcription of your google meet call.

Tactiq is a free Chrome Extension that lets you automatically save the generated captions from your google meet meetings. Here’s how you can record and download a transcript for your Google Meet meeting.

  1. Install Tactiq extension.
  2. Create a free account. When you sign-up, select Google Meet under platforms.
  3. Now that your extension is installed and you have a free Tactiq account, you can join a new Google Meet meeting and see the Tactiq widget on the right side of the screen. See captions in real-time by clicking on the Tactiq icon in the widget. 
  4. Tactiq will save these captions into a google doc as a transcription timestamped and organized by the speaker with any of your highlights and tagged items summarised. 

Voila! You’ve successfully just transcribed and recorded the transcription of your meeting. Congratulations on automatically generating your transcript with Tactiq. 

Finding and reviewing the transcripts

Once the transcript is saved you can find it in your Google Drive as a GDoc or tactiq account folder saved with the name from your Google Meet call. Within the transcript, you’ll find the speaker’s name, timestamps, highlights, and any screenshots you save.

Share your saved transcript

Sharing your video through Tactiq takes just a few clicks. Share the link in an email, add your transcript to Google Document or Notion.

Now you know how to record Google Meet video calls plus save a transcript from your calls with Tactiq. You can always review the recording or transcript when searching for details from a past class, meeting or conversation.

What about if you use Zoom? How to transcribe a Zoom meeting with Tactiq

Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Bringing AI into your meetings has never been so easy.

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