How to get a Zoom transcript (free)

Zoom has live closed-captions that generate transcripts for your Zoom recordings. Before you can get the transcripts, you will need to turn this on in your Zoom account settings by following these steps.

Enable Zoom transcripts in your Zoom account

1. Sign-in to your zoom account on Web or Desktop

2. Go to your settings (, search for "Automated captions", and enable it:

Zoom - Automated captions

3. Search for "Automated captions", and enable it

Zoom - Save Captions

4. Search for VTT and enable for local recording and cloud recording

Make sure your Zoom call is being recorded

This will record the video, audio and generate a Zoom Transcript file. If you’re hosting the meeting, click record, then click the live transcript CC button then ‘enable’ live transcription.

If you’re on a Zoom that is being recorded, you will be able to see a ‘CC’ button in the bottom menu bar. It might also be hidden under the ‘More’ menu if your Zoom window is narrow. Click this to enable live transcription of the current meeting.

Find and download your Zoom transcript file

  • After your Zoom call ends, if you record via cloud storage (only on paid Zoom accounts) you will receive an email when the recording is ready. This also contains your transcript file (as txt. file).
  • For unpaid Zoom users, you can find your Zoom meeting recordings locally on your computer in your Zoom folder. Find this in your Zoom desktop app under meeting recorded, or in your files. Look for the ‘closed_caption’ txt file — this is your transcript.

Now you can export the text to a document, save it to word, notes, etc or use the transcript any way you like.

How to automatically save Zoom transcript to Google Docs

Zoom will only save these files as transcript files locally to your computer/account. But you can use our free tool called to automatically save the transcripts in one central place even without need to record a meeting.

Install Tactiq Chrome Extension (free)

  1. Get the extension (free).
  2. Pick Zoom during onboarding or open the integrations page and click on Zoom Integration.
  3. Click Connect button and authorize Tactiq.

Transcribe your Zoom with Tactiq in real-time

Now that your extension is installed, you can join a new Zoom meeting and see Tactiq widget on the right side of the screen. See captions in real-time by opening the Tactiq icon in the widget. After your meeting ends, Tactiq will save these captions as a transcript in your Tactiq app.

All transcript are saved automatically

You can find them in Tactiq or in Google Drive.



You can generate and save Zoom transcripts for free by recording Zoom meetings with live transcriptions enabled. All you have to do is follow the steps above. If you’d prefer to autosave the transcripts to google docs, you can use our free transcript tool to save them for you.

Sam Holston