Google Meet is a favorite among professionals and students who are looking for a simple way to meet online. But you may find that you need more control and customization than the platform offers.

That’s where Google Meet extensions come in. Using extensions allows you to add functionalities that improve your meeting workflows. 

We’ve curated the best 16 extensions you’ll need for productive and fun meetings. 

What Can Google Meet Extensions Do For You?

Google Meet extensions help maximize productivity. It gives you more control beyond the native features and improves overall engagement.

In general, Google Meet Extensions can help you with:

  • Efficient Note-Taking: Extensions like Tactiq allow hands-free note-taking. 
  • Hassle-free Hosting: Auto-admit participants and keep track of an attendance list.
  • Improve Participant Engagement: Allow participants to react with emojis and create breakout rooms.

There’s plenty more, but these tend to be the most common reasons for downloading an extension for Google Meet.

What is the Best Extension for Google Meet?

We might be biased, but we recommend using Tactiq as the best Google Meet transcript extension. Tactiq takes meeting transcriptions to whole new level with its AI capabilities:

  • Transcribe the meeting in real time 
  • Auto-highlight important sentences and mark them as an action item, question, or decision. 
  • Capture screenshots along with your notes. 
  • Get the full transcript with highlights after the meeting.
Tactiq Google Meet Extensions
Real-time transcripton on Tactiq

Best of all, Tactiq is integrated with ChatGPT. After the meeting, generate AI summaries, action items, and suggestions for the next meeting agenda from the transcript. You can also save custom prompts for recurring meetings. 

Tactiq is like inviting an AI assistant to your calls. You’ll always have notes for all your meetings without writing anything down. Download the extension and try it for yourself.

Top 15 Google Meet Extensions to Make Meetings More Productive

We’ve already covered transcriptions and meeting summaries, but there are plenty more extensions that offer a range of customization options. These are the best we could find:

1. Google Meet Attendance List

The Google Meet Attendance List is a Google Meet extension designed to help users keep track of other participants in a Google Meet session.

Google Meet Attenandance List
Google Meet Attendance List

Use Case:

Perfect for organizers who need to track participants as they join or leave meetings.


  • Real-time Attendance Tracking: Automatically detects and lists attendees’ movements
  • Data Exports: Users can export the attendance list to a CSV file for easy documentation and further analysis.
  • Simple User Interface: Offers a user-friendly dashboard that integrates with the Google Meet platform.

2. Meet Plus for Google Meet

Meet Plus is another extension for Google Meet that introduces a range of new features and customizations.

Meet Plus for Google Meet
Google Meet Plus

Use Case:

Perfect for work, classes, or personal chats. It makes meetings smoother, more interactive, and easier to manage.


  • Push to Talk: Gives users with a 'walkie-talkie'-style feature, so you’re not broadcasting whatever’s happening in the background, and you’re only communicating when you want to.
  • Quick Leave: Adds a button to exit the call quickly, reducing any potential awkwardness after you end a meeting and struggle to leave the virtual room.
  • Meeting Timer: Displays a timer during the meeting to help participants keep track of how long the call has lasted.

3. Google Meet Enhancement Suite

Google Meet Enhancement Suite is a comprehensive Chrome extension for improving your Google Meet experience.

Use case:

It's a great solution for professionals hosting daily meetings or educators leading online classes. 

Google Meet Enhancement Suite
Push to talk in Google Meet

Main features:

  • Auto Join: Allows users to automatically join scheduled meetings without waiting in the lobby.
  • Quick Leave: A fast-action button to exit meetings quickly, and make transitions between back-to-back calls hassle-free.
  • Push to Talk: Keeps the user's microphone muted until they are actively pressing the button.

4. Auto Admit for Google Meet

Auto Admit for Google meet was created to admit participants into a Google Meet call automatically.

Use Case:

This extension is ideal for hosts who organize large-scale meetings, webinars, or classes.

Auto Admit for Google Meet


  • Automatic Admission: Participants can join a meeting without waiting for the host's approval.
  • Selective Auto Admit: Chooses which participants or groups are admitted automatically.
  • Notification Muting: Mutes attendee notifications to avoid distractions. 

5. Google Meet Grid View

This extension creates a tiled or tab format. This view allows users to see everyone else on the call at the same time, making meetings more communal.

Use Case:

This extension is beneficial for large meetings, classrooms, or events where seeing all attendees simultaneously is important.

Google Meet Grid View


  • A grid layout, so all meeting attendees are visible on one screen.
  • Allows you to toggle between the standard view and the grid view effortlessly.
  • Adjust the number of participants per row in the grid.

6. Reactions for Google Meet

Reactions for Google Meet is a Chrome extension that adds quick reactions to Google Meet.

Use Case:

With this extension, participants can convey emotions or feedback without interrupting the flow of the meeting. 

This is also perfect for large company meetings where managers share status updates. Not everyone will get a chance to speak, but they can get a chance to react (a bit like if they were watching a live stream on social media). 

 Reactions for Google Meet


  • Integrated reaction buttons in the Google Meet interface.
  • Variety of emotion-based reactions, such as applause and thumbs up.
  • Reactions appear temporarily to avoid screen clutter.


7. Google Meet Breakout Rooms

Google Meet Breakout Rooms works exactly like you’d expect it to. It creates breakout rooms by turning one large meeting into smaller ones. If you’ve ever used Zoom’s breakout rooms feature, you’ll know how this works.

Use Case:

Perfect for educators, workshop facilitators, or team leaders who want to split participants into smaller groups.


  • Randomly or manually assign participants to rooms.
  • Monitor participant numbers within each breakout room.

8. Dualless

Though not exclusively for Google Meet, Dualless is designed to split your browser window into two side-by-side views. It replicates a dual-monitor experience without the need for additional hardware.


Use Case:

It's particularly useful for remote workers or creators who want to multi-task during a meeting


  • Offers a dual-monitor experience within a single browser window.
  • Choose between predefined ratios for window splitting.
  • Quick toggle between split view and full screen for each window.

9. Call Timer for Meet

Call Timer for Meet is a Chrome extension that introduces a visible timer to Google Meet sessions.

Use Case:

This tool works great for individuals who need to manage meeting lengths. It’s perfect for professional appointments, timed interviews, or structured discussions, for example.

call timer for meet


  • Easy-to-view timer.
  • Customizable timer settings to fit specific meeting needs.
  • Alerts when call durations are reached.

10. MeetInOne - Extension for Google Meet

MeetInOne turns Google Meet into a comprehensive desktop app with extra features that make it easy to manage your meetings. 

Use Case:

It’s designed for managers, professionals, and teachers who want to manage their Google accounts and view insights about each meeting.

MeetInOne - Extension for Google Meet


  • Add multiple Google accounts to join from the right account. 
  • Save links to recurring meetings and join in one click. 
  • See insights about your meetings, such as time spent in meetings.

11. TurboMeet

TurboMeet is an extension with advanced tools that go beyond Google Meet's basic offerings.

Use Case:

Perfect for managers, remote workers, and teachers who want more control over their online sessions.



  • Push-to-talk, which works like a walkie-talkie 
  • Automatically mutes mic and turns off video as you join calls
  • Uses keyboard keys as shortcuts to do things like leave a meeting 

12. Google Meet Dice Roller 

Google Meet isn’t just for team meetings and classes. It can also be used for fun!

Use Case:

Unsurprisingly, this is the virtual equivalent of rolling a physical dice. So whether you’re selecting someone to speak at random in a team meeting, or playing Dungeons and Dragons, it’s a simple way to mimic what you’d usually do irl.

Google Meet Dice Roller 


  • Customize dice roll sets 
  • Create custom commands for rolls 
  • Set specific names and labels for your sets of dice 

13. Visual Effects

Visual Effects allow you to customize your appearance in your Google Meet calls, with any virtual background you can think of. You can also blur your background or create a pixelated effect. 

 Visual Effects

Use Case

It’s perfect for remote workers who want to present a professional appearance or add branding to their background.


  • Create custom virtual backgrounds
  • Add AI effects, such as virtual sunglasses 
  • Add contrast to your camera and other 2D effects 

14. Google Meet Tweak (Emojis, Text, Cam Effects)

Expressing yourself in busy meetings or online events can be limiting. Yes, you can share what you want in the chat, but that can get buried. 

Google Meet Tweak allows you to add emojis and text on top of your video. Think of it like a chat bubble on a comic strip. On top of that, gives you more control over how you view other participants. 

Google Meet Tweak (Emojis, Text, Cam Effects)

Use Case

Perfect for big online sessions where you want to get everyone’s attention without having to chat or unmute to speak.


  • Share a status or mood even if the chat is off
  • Quickly choose an emoji as a reaction
  • Hide participants without video 
  • Hide selected participants from the grid view

15. Beyond Meet 

Last but not least is Beyond Meet. As its name suggests, the extension adds customization and control that you won’t find among Google Meet’s standard features. For example, you can multitask and use AI to track emotions in real-time. 

Beyond Meet 

Use Case

Perfect for the remote professional who wants to multi-task, see multiple views, and needs help tracking how their team is engaging.


  • Launch Google Meet as a split-screen view so you can multitask 
  • See attendees while you’re presenting
  • AI claims to track other people’s emotions in real-time

How to Download Google Meet Extensions

So how do I get any of these extensions to work on my device? Downloading Google Meet Extensions is simple. Here’s how to get started:

  1. Open Google Chrome: Make sure you are using the Google Chrome browser, as extensions are primarily available on the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Visit the Chrome Web Store: Type “Chrome Web Store” in your search bar, or visit
  3. Search for the extension: In the search box, type the specific name or description of the extension you're looking for.
Tactiq on Chrome Web Store
  1. Select Your Extension: Browse through the search results, find the extension that fits your needs, and click on it.
  2. Download & Install: Click the “Add to Chrome” button on the extension's page. A prompt will appear asking for confirmation; select “Add extension.”

Once installed, the extension will be added to your Chrome browser. 

Are Google Meet Extensions Free?

Absolutely! Most extensions that we’ve mentioned here are free for the basic features. But you'll need to upgrade to access more advanced features. For example, Tactiq is free for up to 10 calls per month. But if you have more meetings and want to access its AI features, you need to upgrade to a paid subscription.

Wrapping Up

There you have it. Those are our top 16 Google Meet Extensions that will help you run more productive meetings. From note-taking tools like Tactiq to tools that auto-admit attendees, there are many options depending on what you need for your team. 

Most of these tools are free with the option to upgrade, so you can try them out before committing to a subscription. 

Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

Bringing AI into your meetings has never been so easy.

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