Staying on top of meetings can be challenging, especially when held online. Juggling between listening attentively, contributing to the discussion, and scribbling down notes – we’ve all been there. But what if we tell you there was a way to capture every important detail without missing a beat?

Enter AI note-taking apps, which transform how we attend and remember our online meetings.

In this article, we'll dive into AI note-taking – exploring how it works, how to enable it in MS Teams, and how to quickly capture those crucial meeting moments.

What is AI Note-Taking?

Let’s talk about AI note-taking.

AI note-taking is a game-changer for online meetings. It's like having a personal assistant who's always there, ready to jot down every word. But it's even smarter than that. This AI note-taker technology automatically listens to your meeting conversations and turns them into written notes, thanks to speech-to-text technology. This automation means everything said in your meeting can be captured in text without anyone having to type it out.

Speech-to-text technology is the secret behind AI note-taking. It's an advanced software that can almost instantly understand spoken language and convert it into text. This process isn't just about recording words; it's about recognizing and understanding them well enough to turn speech into accurate, readable notes.

AI note-taking apps ensure that important updates, ideas, and tasks don't just disappear into thin air – they're saved and ready for you to review anytime. Numerous AI note-taking apps are available today to generate automated meeting notes, ensuring you capture every detail without effort.

Benefits of AI Note-Taking in Remote Work

Here's how AI note-taking is making a difference in remote work:

Ensures Comprehensive Documentation

One of the foremost benefits of AI note-taking is its ability to provide thorough and accurate documentation of meetings. This comprehensive documentation is valuable for team members who may miss a meeting due to time zone differences or other commitments, as it allows them to stay informed and contribute effectively.

Facilitates Asynchronous Work

AI note-taking apps support asynchronous work by allowing team members to access meeting notes and summaries at their convenience. This flexibility means that work can flow smoothly, even if team members work on different schedules. By providing a clear record of discussions and decisions, teams can move forward without repetitive meetings or clarifications.

Enhances Meeting Efficiency

With AI note-taking, participants can focus more on the discussion rather than splitting their attention between listening and writing notes. This possibility leads to more productive meetings where ideas can flow freely, and participants can engage more deeply with the content being discussed.

Streamlines Follow-Up and Accountability

AI-generated meeting notes often include action items and key decisions, making follow-up tasks clear and straightforward. This clarity improves accountability within the team, as each member knows exactly what is expected of them post-meeting.

AI note-taking is not just a convenience but a transformative tool for remote work. It bridges communication gaps, supports diverse work styles, and fosters productivity. As remote work continues to evolve, AI note-taking apps stand out as an essential component of successful, collaborative teams.

How to Turn on AI Notes in MS Teams

Intelligent Recap inside MS Teams (Image from Microsoft Word)
Intelligent Recap inside MS Teams (Image from Microsoft Word)

Turning on AI notes in MS Teams is like unlocking a superpower for your meetings, thanks to a native feature called Intelligent Recap. Intelligent Recap is designed to make your life easier by automatically generating a meeting summary, including meeting notes, action items, follow-up tasks, and even highlighted moments. This summary means you can focus more on the discussion and less on frantic note-taking.

Intelligent Recap uses AI to offer a comprehensive overview of your meetings, found within the new 'Recap' tab in Teams' calendar and chat. Users can quickly access the most crucial information even if they missed the live meeting.

Intelligent Recap is available for Teams Premium subscribers.

Key Features of Intelligent Recap

Here are the main features of Intelligent Recap:

  • Automated Meeting Notes: Powered by GPT, notes are automatically created to capture the essence of the discussion as meeting notes.
  • Personalized Highlights: Tailored insights help users pinpoint the most relevant information based on their participation.
  • Efficient Navigation: Personalized timeline markers in meeting recordings highlight when your name was mentioned, when screens were shared, or when you joined and left, enabling quick navigation to pertinent sections.
  • Speaker Timeline Markers: Identify who spoke and when, with the ability to jump directly to those moments, organized by your most frequent collaborators.
  • Future Enhancements: Intelligent Recap will introduce meeting chapters and topics, allowing users to jump to specific sections or points where certain topics were discussed easily.

How to Access Intelligent Recap

Intelligent Recap is built right into MS Teams. Here's a quick guide on activating it:

  • Schedule a Meeting: First, schedule your meeting in MS Teams as you normally would.
  • Enable Recording: Ensure that the meeting is set to be recorded. Intelligent Recap works by analyzing the recorded content.
  • Access Recap: When the meeting ends, access the meeting recap by clicking the ‘View Recap’ tab in the meeting chat.

View Recap on MS Teams
View Recap on MS Teams (Image from Microsoft Word)

Beyond Intelligent Recap for Teams Premium users, the meeting recap experience is evolving for all Teams users. The new recap experience, accessible via the 'Recap' tab, includes direct access to meeting recordings, collaborative meeting notes, transcripts, and shared content within Teams, improving the review process for all participants, regardless of their license tier.

Looking for an Alternative? Meet Tactiq

If Intelligent Recap isn't available for your organization or you're seeking additional functionality, Tactiq is an excellent alternative. Tactiq embodies the best of AI note-taking, extending its capabilities beyond MS Teams to other platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, and more. It offers real-time transcription and summarization without recording the call, making it incredibly convenient for users who prioritize privacy and immediate access to meeting notes.


To get started with Tactiq

To install Tactiq on your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store. Click Add to Chrome on the right-hand side of the page, then Add Extension.
  2. If you have Tactiq installed but haven't enabled Microsoft Teams, go to the Integrations section on the left side of the Tactiq dashboard.
Tactiq Integrations
Tactiq Integrations
  1. Click Connect next to the Teams icon.
Connect Button inside Tactiq Integrations
Connect Button inside Tactiq Integrations
  1. Join your meeting. You'll see the Tactiq widget on the right side of your screen within your Teams display. This area is where you'll see the live transcription appear.
Tactiq Widget
Tactiq Widget

Using Tactiq makes summarizing long meetings and writing follow-up emails easy.

What is the Best Way to Take Notes on a Teams Meeting?

When taking notes during MS Teams meetings, you might wonder what the best approach is. With the advent of AI technology, traditional note-taking has evolved. The answer lies in using AI note-taking tools that offer more than just a written record of your meetings. Here are a few reasons why Tactiq stands out as the best choice:

Versatility Across Platforms

Unlike some tools limited to a single platform, Tactiq can be used with MS Teams and other popular meeting platforms (Zoom, Google Meet). This versatility ensures that no matter where your meeting is happening, Tactiq has got you covered.

AI-Powered Summarization

One of the key features of Tactiq is its ability to use AI to summarize your meetings. Instead of sifting through lengthy transcripts to find important points, Tactiq provides concise summaries. This AI note-taking app can save you significant time and ensure you don't miss any critical information.

No Recording Necessary

With concerns about privacy and the hassle of managing recordings, Tactiq offers a considerable advantage. It doesn't require recording the call to generate transcripts or summaries. This system not only respects privacy but also simplifies the process.

Using Tactiq during your Teams meetings means you can focus fully on the discussion, knowing that all the important meeting notes are being captured in real-time.

Personal Note-Taking Enhanced

While AI note-taking tools like Tactiq provide an automated way to capture meeting notes, the essence of personal note-taking is preserved. These tools enhance the personal note-taking experience by accurately capturing the foundational information, allowing individuals to add their insights or follow-up actions to the automated notes. This blend of AI efficiency and personal touch ensures that the notes are comprehensive and meaningful.

How to Take Notes Using Tactiq on Teams

Here’s a step-by-step guide on using Tactiq to capture every important detail from your MS Teams meetings:

  1. After the meeting, go to your Transcripts page and select the MS Teams meeting. Here, you can access the full transcript.
  2. Under the AI Meeting tools section, click ‘Short Summary.' Tactiq turns the core content of the recorded video into concise and accurate meeting notes to enable more informed and faster decision-making processes. You can also select from the quick prompts to generate what you need.
Short Summary Feature on Tactiq
Short Summary Feature on Tactiq
  1. Interacting with the transcript is also possible by asking questions and chatting with Tactiq’s AI feature. This interactivity allows you to delve deeper into specific topics or clarify certain points without sifting through the entire recording. Type your prompt in the “Ask a Question” text box and click ‘Ask.’
Ask a Question Feature on Tactiq
Ask a Question Feature on Tactiq

By using this AI note taker, you can summarize your MS Teams meetings easily without watching every minute of the video.


When it comes to integrating AI note-taking into MS Teams meetings, several questions might come to mind. Here are answers to some of the most frequently asked questions to help you navigate this tool more effectively.

What is the AI Tool to Record Teams Meeting?

The AI tool designed for recording Teams meetings is called Intelligent Recap. This feature within MS Teams uses AI to automatically generate meeting recaps, including a recording, transcript, and a summary of the key points discussed. For those seeking an alternative with additional features, Tactiq is a third-party tool that offers real-time transcription and summarization without the need to record the call.

Does Microsoft Teams Have AI?

Yes! Microsoft Teams incorporates AI technology through features like Intelligent Recap. This integration allows Teams to offer automated transcriptions, meeting summaries, and highlight reels, making it easier for users to digest and act on the information shared during meetings.

Can Teams Take Notes Automatically?

Yes! MS Teams can automatically take notes with the help of its Intelligent Recap feature. This AI note-taking tool processes the audio from your recorded meetings to create transcripts and identify key highlights and action items, providing a comprehensive overview of the meeting's content without manual note-taking.

How Does Microsoft Teams Use AI?

Microsoft Teams uses AI in several ways to enhance the meeting experience. The Intelligent Recap feature is a prime example, utilizing speech-to-text technology to transcribe meetings and machine learning algorithms to summarize discussions and identify important points. This AI-driven approach helps users catch up on missed meetings and review key information more efficiently.

Enhance Your Meetings with AI Note-Taking

Embracing AI note-taking apps like Intelligent Recap in MS Teams or Tactiq can significantly transform your meeting culture. These tools capture every word spoken in a meeting and highlight the most important points for easy reference. With AI note-taking apps, you can make your meetings more productive.

Remember, the goal is to capture what's said and enhance understanding, foster collaboration, and drive action.

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Want the convenience of AI summaries?

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Want the convenience of AI summaries?

Try Tactiq for your upcoming meeting.

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