AI Note Taker for Product Launch Meetings

Enhance your product launch strategy with Tactiq, the AI note-taker tailored for every phase of your launch. Streamline pre-launch planning, execution, and post-launch analysis with precise documentation and seamless team collaboration, ensuring a successful market entry.

AI Note Taker for Product Launch Meetings
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Use in your favourite meeting app!

AI Note Taker App works with Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Store all your transcripts from different meeting apps in one place!

Get started in seconds!

Eliminate misalignment and misunderstandings

Simply add the Tactiq Chrome extension and get started

Add the free Tactiq Chrome extension

Get started in seconds. Add Tactiq Chrome extension. Connect your Google, Microsoft Teams or Zoom account. Start an instant meeting or join your next one to view automatic transcription.

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Transcribe product launch meetings

Enjoy a smooth meeting experience. Focus on the conversation without worrying about missing details. No obtrusive AI note-taking bots. No audio or video recording required.

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Generate meeting insights
using AI

Use quick AI prompts to generate a meeting summary, action items, bullet point highlights, and more. You can dive deeper by asking specific questions using AI.

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Works with Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Concentrate on the conversation in your chosen app while we capture every detail, project specifics and crucial decisions. Streamline your discussions and boost productivity with

In meeting experience

Nail your pre-launch planning

Set the foundation for a successful launch by streamlining your meeting notes, summaries, and next steps with Tactiq's AI note taker. Never miss a single detail.

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Take the next step with AI

Summarize launch preparation steps

Generate summaries, action items, and project updates using the product launch meeting transcript made by Tactiq's AI note taker.

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Get work done faster

Facilitate smooth execution with Tactiq

Make sure your team is prepared and aligned on all the product launch steps that will generate interest and traction. Use Tactiq's AI follow-up prompts to get everyone on the same page.

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Use in your favourite meeting app!

In meeting experience

In meeting experience


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AI put to real use. Love it.
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Vertika Nigam

Great transcription and excellent AI features.  Saves us a ton of time notetaking for meetings.
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Sam Gridley

I wish I'd had this extension sooner...the newer AI features make a great product even better. Highly recommended.
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Christian Pennisi

Sou um evangelizador da ferramenta. Todos os meus alunos e colegas professores estão usando.
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Helio Costa Jr

Tested almost all similar products, Only Tactiq that transcribes the conversation on the fly.
Andre Daniel Ridwan testimonial image

Andre Daniel Ridwan

Reomiendo 100% esta fabulosa aplicación IA. gran ayuda para todo.
Jorge Cardenas Gutierrez testimonial image

Jorge cardenas gutierrez


Frequently Asked Questions

What is an AI note taker?

Tactiq's AI note taker automatically captures and summarizes discussions, decisions, and action items during product launch meetings, using advanced algorithms to ensure comprehensive and accurate meeting transcripts.

Is there a bot involved in the AI Note Taker?

No, there isn’t. The AI Note Taker operates without a bot, functioning efficiently as a Chrome extension. It works quietly in the background of your product launch meetings, ensuring that the user experience remains uninterrupted and focused on the meeting itself.

Can Tactiq integrate with other tools we use for product launches?

Yes, Tactiq can seamlessly integrate with various project management and collaboration tools, ensuring that notes and summaries are easily accessible and can be incorporated into your existing product launch workflows.

Can Tactiq help in tracking the progress of a product launch?

Yes, Tactiq’s summaries include action items and decisions that help track progress and ensure that all launch activities are aligned with your strategic goals.

Can I use the AI Note Taker to process pre-recorded meetings or old transcripts?

Absolutely! You can upload existing recordings or transcripts to the AI Note Taker, and it will provide you with organized, actionable notes and summaries, ensuring that you extract maximum value from every meeting, whether it occurred in real-time or was pre-recorded.

Plan successful product launches that hit the spot with Tactiq

Use AI Note Taker for your next meeting by adding the free Tactiq Chrome extension. View real-time transcription, generate one-click AI summaries and ask questions based on the transcript.