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Tactiq transcribes your Google Meet so you can share the important parts with your team. We take the notes for you.
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Save and share Google Meet transcripts

No more struggling to stay focused AND take notes
Transcription tool for Google Meet
Meetings are transcribed with Tactiq every month

Why you should use Tactiq for team meetings

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Staying engaged

Without worrying about taking notes
Tactiq save transcript to GDoc, Dropbox, Quip

Automatic meeting notes

Tactiq transcription = complete notes
Tactiq saves transcripts from Google Meet to Quip, Notion, GDoc, Quip, Confluence

Share important information

Key takeaways or full conversations


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Speaker identification
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Real-time transcript
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Attendance list
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Engagement analytic
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Take notes, but automatically

Tactiq transcribes google meet and creates a summary to use as a meeting notes for your team
search meeting notes
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Share highlights in your team's channel

Highlight, tag then share important info from meetings with your team in their Slack, Quip or Team Drive.

Secure conversations

Tactiq is committed to protect the security of your information. The transcription is never stored anywhere except where you choose.
Secure conversation

Instant meeting notes in the tools you're already using

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Google Doc

Google Docs

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Google Cloud Technology Partner

Tactiq has been officially recognised as a Google Cloud partner via the technology track.
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What do our users say?

"Tactiq is my new favourite productivity tool. I’m glad to discover it right before we all started to have substantially more video calls because of the COVID. If you have several back to back meetings during the day, you know how exhaustive it can be, whether those customer interviews or sync-ups with your team. Our brain is poorly designed for multitasking. Thankfully Tactiq is taking some of the cognitive load from me by taking notes on my behalf."

Tactiq user product
Anton Genkin,
Head of Product

"I do all my coaching online, and having my video calls automatically transcribed I can focus on what my coaching clients are saying in the moment knowing there is a full and complete record. This means I have greater impact and transparency in my sessions, since I can quickly send a full copy to my clients within minutes rather than hours or days."

Tactiq user
Ian Burton,
Leadership Coach

"It is perfect for my researches to accurately capture what is said in the Meet. No information is being lost while I don't spend time on writing anything during meetings."

tactiq user
Maria Shato,
Project Manager

My job requires me to take accurate notes for long stretches of time. Tactiq’s transcription function helps me always have a backup. It has saved me countless hours of proofreading and freed my schedule for other projects!"

Tactiq user
Nick Monteleone,
Production Coordinator

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