AI Meeting summary for Zoom

Summarize Zoom meetings in one click. Generate short, long, or detailed summaries to capture the meeting's key details or a create a full recap of the most important conversation moments.

AI Meeting summary for Zoom
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Summarize Zoom meetings with Tactiq's powerful AI

Store all your transcripts from different meeting apps in one place!

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Get started in seconds. Add Tactiq Chrome extension. Connect your Google, Microsoft Teams or Zoom account. Start an instant meeting or join your next one to view automatic transcription.

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Generate meeting insights
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Use quick AI prompts to generate a meeting summary, action items, bullet point highlights, and more. You can dive deeper by asking specific questions using AI.

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Works with Google Meet, Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

Concentrate on the conversation in your chosen app while we capture every detail, project specifics and crucial decisions. Streamline your discussions and boost productivity with

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Transcribe Zoom meetings in real-time

Get live meeting transcripts for Zoom and store them securely in Tactiq. Generate summaries from your Zoom transcript in one click after meetings end.

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Take the next step with AI

Generate Zoom meeting summaries in one click

Instantly generate Zoom meeting summaries without any manual effort. Capture key points and action items effortlessly, streamlining follow-ups and boosting productivity.

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Share Zoom meeting summaries to align teams

Quickly share Zoom meeting summaries to keep your team aligned. Ensure everyone is on the same page with key decisions and action items, enhancing collaboration and efficiency.

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Use in your favourite meeting app!

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Vertika Nigam

Great transcription and excellent AI features.  Saves us a ton of time notetaking for meetings.
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Sam Gridley

I wish I'd had this extension sooner...the newer AI features make a great product even better. Highly recommended.
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Christian Pennisi

Sou um evangelizador da ferramenta. Todos os meus alunos e colegas professores estão usando.
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Helio Costa Jr

Tested almost all similar products, Only Tactiq that transcribes the conversation on the fly.
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Andre Daniel Ridwan

Reomiendo 100% esta fabulosa aplicación IA. gran ayuda para todo.
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Jorge cardenas gutierrez


Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Zoom AI meeting summary?

A Zoom AI meeting summary is a recap of the conversation transcript, highlighting key discussions, decisions, and action items to ensure all participants are aligned on outcomes.

How can I generate a summary for a Zoom meeting?

You can generate a summary for a Zoom meeting with Tactiq's AI prompts after the meeting ends. You will be redirected to your transcript where you can select the type of summary you need - short, long, or detailed with citations.

Can I edit the Zoom meeting summaries?

Yes, Tactiq allows you to edit and customize the summary to focus on specific aspects of the meeting that are most important to your team.

Can I save Zoom summaries for later reference?

Absolutely, Tactiq lets you save Zoom summaries in formats such as PDF or TXT, or store them into your favorite tools for easy access and reference using integrations.

How secure are Zoom meeting summaries?

Tactiq ensures that your data is encrypted and securely stored, complying with industry-standard data protection regulations.

Summarize Zoom meetings in one click with Tactiq

Use meeting summaries to simplify your post-meeting work and speed up follow-up actions. Update your docs and quickly create tasks & next steps for your team.