Master Efficiency
with AI Meeting Kits

Tailor GPT AI prompts to automate actions from your discussions and create personalized AI meeting notes for each meeting.

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Make your meetings more than a conversation.

Use the power of generative AI to refine your meeting outcomes and transform AI meeting notes into the right format.

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Craft emails

Send follow-up emails based on the context of the conversation.

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Tailor Summaries

Craft concise, relevant summarised meetings.

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Find Decisions

Capture client requirements, and never miss an action point.

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Identify ideas

Makes sure every idea from your sprint planning, daily stand-ups, and retro's are neatly captured and organized.

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Track Requests

Maintain project coherence and ensuring seamless task tracking

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Extract Insights

Stay in tune with the conversations and never miss an action point.

How to get started

Supercharge your meetings with personalized prompts and unlock crystal-clear insights using ChatGPT in Tactiq AI Meeting Kit.


Capture any meeting

Install Tactiq Chrome Extension and join the meeting. We'll handle the rest.

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Customize the output

Prompt Tactiq with basic instructions to get polished outcome in seconds.

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Re-use templates

Save your personalized meeting prompts as templates for recurring meetings. Say goodbye to repetitive work!

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You'll Be Amazed at What You Can Achieve with AI Meeting Kits