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With Tactiq's real-time transcription of Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams and Webex you'll never miss a word.
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Be present on the call and remember more

Transcribe Google Meet, Zoom, MS Teams in real-time
Transcription tool for Zoom, Google Meet and MS Teams
Meetings are transcribed with Tactiq every month

How it works


Start a meeting

Tactiq pops up as soon as you start a new meeting in Zoom or Google Meet.


Use Open AI ChatGPT to generate meeting summary, action items and the next meeting agenda.
Bot-free solution.


The full transcript, summary and the quotes are ready to share in the tools you're using


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Speaker identification
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Real-time transcript
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ChatGPT summary
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Engagement analytic
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Capture transcript Google Meet

Never forget the important stuff

Who said what

Capture important conversations without losing your focus writing notes with 100% accurate built-in speaker identification.

Ready to share

After the meeting is finished it's time to share the key parts. Share the highest quality meeting summaries generated with OpenAI GPT-3.

Secure conversations

Tactiq is committed to protect the security of your information. Transcripts are processed and stored securely using high-grade encryption.
Secure conversation

Instant meeting notes in the tools you're already using

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Google Meet

MS Teams

OpenAI GPT-3

Google Cloud Technology Partner

Tactiq has been officially recognised as a Google Cloud partner via the technology track.
Tactiq Google Cloud Partner

What do our users say?

"This is one of the top best tools for my life/productivity ever invented. I rank it up there with Gmail and the microwave. Helps me not to forget what I'm supposed to do after the meeting and helps people who couldn't make it to the meeting catch up."

Tammie Lim,
Product Manager,
Founder at Wedding Storybook Programs.

"I do all my coaching online, and having my video calls automatically transcribed I can focus on what my coaching clients are saying in the moment knowing there is a full and complete record. This means I have greater impact and transparency in my sessions, since I can quickly send a full copy to my clients within minutes rather than hours or days."

Tactiq user
Ian Burton,
Leadership Coach

"It is perfect for my research to be able to accurately capture what is said in the meeting. No information is being lost while I don't spend time on writing notes during meetings."

tactiq user
Maria Shato,
Project Manager

"My job requires me to take accurate notes for long stretches of time. Tactiq’s transcription function helps me always have a backup. It has saved me countless hours of proofreading and freed my schedule for other projects!"

Tactiq user
Nick Monteleone,
Production Coordinator

Frequently asked questions.

If you have any further questions, Get in touch with our friendly team
Does Tactiq use ChatGPT?

No. We are using OpenAI's enterprise API offering, which is different from ChatGPT.
Read more in our Privacy Center.

Will OpenAI use my data?

No, OpenAI does not use data submitted via API to train OpenAI models or improve OpenAI’s service offering. Read Open AI API Policy.

Do you store the transcription?

We don’t own the transcription. You can choose to save it to Tactiq. Read more in our Privacy Center.

Do you record the audio?

Tactiq do not record or store the audio. The transcript is happening in real-time and saved as a text.

Will everyone in the meeting see the transcription?

No, the transcription is only displayed for you, but you can notify everyone that you're transcribing during the meeting. Learn more

Can I install it for my whole team?

To install for all of your users, contact your GSuite admin. Information on how to do this can be found here.

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