Meeting notes powered by transcription

Focus on conversation. Do not waste time on writing notes.

Create Better Notes
Drag&Drop  important parts of meeting transcripts and create meeting notes that are better than ever.
Collaboration Over Writing
Spend less time making notes with Tactiq’s real-time AI based Speech to Text  transcription.
Efficient Meeting Time
Put a stop on off-topic debates using Agenda Timeboxing  for each topic and save valuable team time.
Get full transcription from Google Hangouts Meet:
Install Extension
Takes just two clicks.
Turn On Live Capture
At the bottom of the Meet window, click Turn on captions.
Get the Transcription
Click on Extension to save meeting transcription.
Why Teams Love Tactiq
Advanced Transcription
AI based speech to text algorithm turns entire meetings into transcripts. Easily drag and drop it into notes.
Team Collaboration Tools
Your team can actively engage in shaping what’s ahead and decide what’s important with collaborative real-time editing.
Agenda Time Management
Allocate and plan time for each agenda beforehand. Your team can stay on track without losing time in never-ending debates.
Centralised Task Overview
Prevent loss of key information with easy-to-read to-do list. Allow everyone on the team to access the takeaways.
Google Cloud Technology Partner
Tactiq is an officially recognized Google Cloud Technology Partner for utilizing the serverless cloud computing using Google Cloud Platform and provided integration with Calendar & OAuth.
We’ve got you covered
🗓 Google Calendar
Tactiq is fully integrated with Google Calendar. You don’t need to create extra meetings in yet another software, just sync your existing G-suit events and you’re ready to go.
📩 Remote meetings
Save Transcription directly from Hangouts Meet with Chrome browser extension.
🔑 Security
Tactiq is committed to protecting the security of your information. Transcription is happening in real-time without saving any recording.
Meeting notes powered by transcription
Our mission is to help teams enhance interactions and collaboration over unproductive meetings.